YouTube TV for Apple TV Coming Soon

Back in October, the YouTube TV team announced that their app for Apple TV would be coming soon.


In December, it became known that the release of the application was postponed until 2018. No specific date was provided. However, it was announced today that the app for Apple TV will be out 'very soon'. Now we at least know that we haven't forgotten about it, and work on the application is still ongoing.

Here is an excerpt from the report:

'A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the app for Apple TV will be out very soon, as well as for the Roku.'

Last year, the release of YouTube TV was postponed not only for Apple TV, but also for Roku devices. Then they said that the application for both platforms will be released in early 2018, and it seems that it will be so. So Apple TV owners won't have to wait long to finally try YouTube TV.

A YouTube TV subscription starts at $ 35 per month. In addition, users can add 'premium channels' at a slightly higher price depending on the number of channels.

Better late than never, as they say. YouTube TV is gaining popularity. The service now has over 300,000 subscribers. You can already watch the video on your Apple TV using AirPlay, but a special application will certainly be more convenient.

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