Company Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Users and Now Launches ‘Good Adds Up’ Project

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools on the Internet, and while the company has many more new, simple features to add to Facebook Messenger, the social networking site recognizes that it has a huge impact on the planet.


The company officially announced that the number of users on the social network has reached a significant figure: 2 billion. Founder Facebook Mark Zuckerberg recently made an official announcement on the site, followed immediately by news that sheds light on the future of the social network.

The ad itself revealed that 2 billion users not only ‘connect and create communities on Facebook every month’, but also that 1 billion people use Facebook groups every month, and that every day on average, over 800 million people like Facebook.

In this regard, Facebook wants to introduce several innovations. First, ‘Celebrating The Good People Do’. This will be a small change: after someone replies to a friend’s message with the “In Love” emoji or wishes someone a happy birthday, they will receive an automatic ‘thank you’ in their news feed.

Personalized videos are certainly common for users Facebook, like anniversaries celebrating. And now there’s a new feature called ‘Good Adds Up Video’. A new video will appear in the news feed in the near future, or users can already go to ‘’ and watch their video (if already created).

Facebook will also be sharing community stories in the coming days, showcasing how people used the social network to communicate and help others.

[from Facebook]

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