Facebook is working on its own smart speaker with 15 '' touchpad

Facebook, по-видимому, переходит на смарт-динамики, и во вторник из Тайваня появился новый отчет о том, что гигант социальных сетей хочет использовать смарт динамики Amazon’s Echo, Home и Apple HomePod.


Sources told DigiTimes magazine that the speaker Facebook will feature a 15-inch screen created by LG Display and uses built-in technology.

The body must be made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. The report also states that Facebook will focus more on image display than voice recognition.

The device, made by the Facebook Building 8 division, was rumored to be scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2018.

Contract manufacturer Pegatron has begun pilot production of the smart speaker Facebook at its factories in China, the sources added.

Apple will start selling its HomePod at the end of 2017.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Samsung is developing its own competitive product HomePod from Bixby, which could launch later this month. However, a follow-up report from The Korea Herald said that Samsung will switch to smart speakers after a while.

“Samsung does not currently view AI speakers as in demand as the global market is already dominated by an unrivaled company Amazon and the Korean market is too small to be profitable,” the source said in the publication.

According to Engagit, Amazon, a leader in the field, is working on the next-generation Echo, which will offer better sound quality and updated design, and which will possibly be released this fall.

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