Removing the mobile version Facebook will increase the working time iPhone by 15%

It’s no secret that the mobile app Facebook consumes a lot of energy. The mobile version of the social network has already been caught using dubious methods of work with which it could remain running in the background even when the Content Refresh function is disabled, which, of course, greatly affected the power consumption of iOS devices on which it was installed.

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Facebook acknowledged that there were indeed such problems with the application, and promised to fix them. Now that they’ve been fixed, it’s safe to assume that the official app Facebook won’t drain your battery as much. Isn’t it? But no.

Testing by Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian suggests that removing Facebook can add up to 15 percent more to your device’s uptime. Gibbs recorded his iPhone 6s Plus’s battery readings every day at 10:30 pm for a week, then deleted the app Facebook and did the same for another week. To access the social network without an app, he simply went to Facebook in Safari.

Upon completion of testing, Gibbs noticed that his iPhone 6s Plus was running on average 15% longer than before. To make sure that the effect was not caused by some extraneous random factors, he asked a few more familiar owners iPhone to repeat the experiment, and their results were exactly the same.

Let’s look at the numbers again: by deleting Facebook, you can get a 15% increase in the operating time of your device. Anyway, the version Facebook for iOS still has a big impact on the battery iPhone and the guys at Facebook should be then do it.

In addition, as a result, Gibbs freed up 500 MB of memory on his phone.

If you’re a longtime fan and dedicated Facebook user, you shouldn’t be surprised by this news. This is not the first time an application has been criticized for poor power optimization, and most likely not the last. The app for Android has the same problem, and users are reporting a completely similar improvement in their device’s uptime after uninstalling it.

Do you use the mobile version Facebook? What do you think about this?

Source: The Guardian

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