Facebook testing face recognition technology for account recovery

Accessing a blocked account Facebook, especially without the ability to recover via SMS, may soon become much easier. Facebook is testing facial recognition technology for the account recovery process.


TechCrunch says the company is conducting tests with facial recognition so that it can be used to gain access to a blocked account in the future. The function will be especially useful for those whose account was blocked while they were traveling and cannot receive the code via SMS until they return home.

Here's what Facebook told TechCrunch:

We are testing a new feature for users who want to quickly and easily verify their account during the recovery process.

This feature is only available on devices from which people have already logged into their account. It will complement the two-factor verification via SMS and will become another additional option.

So far, the feature is only available to some users.

Facebook testing face recognition technology for account recovery

If facial recognition technology proves to be reliable, Facebook will add it to more users.

The existing system for recovering a blocked account consists of two-factor authentication via SMS. You must select photos of your friends or unblock the account through your friends using a code.

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