Wallpaper Hey Siri and Apple TV in high definition

Last week Apple launched the latest generation Apple TV. The first pre-ordered devices in the US arrived in their new homes on Friday, October 30th, and a substantial batch of Apple TV arrived at Apple Store. Other features of the new TV media players include Siri with improved search, the control panel of the same name with a touchpad and animated screensavers in timelapse.

Apple - TV-and - Siri - splash-Jason-Zigrino-1024 × 768 [1]

The site idownloadblog.com decided to coincide with this event with the next issue of the Wallpapers of the Week category and published in this issue beautiful high-resolution wallpapers inspired by the theme Siri and Apple TV.

Images by graphic designer @ JasonZigrino, check out his work on dribbble.

Wallpaper Apple TV

When you do nothing with Apple TV for several minutes, it launches high-resolution screensavers shot in timelapse, replacing old photos from albums.

Wallpapers, like screensavers, are named after cities. Wallpaper colors are selected based on the colors in the corresponding screensaver.

JasonZigrino Apple TV wallpaper splash

Default: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

China: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Hawaii: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

London: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

New York: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Hey wallpaper Siri

Hey Siri Jason Zigrino splash

Hey Siri for different devices: iPad Pro; iPad; iPhone; Apple Watch

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