Apple TV 4K will stream video at 2160p, while 4K will need a 15Mbps connection

In the leaked firmware 11 GM, information was found not only about iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but also about other devices that Apple will present on September 12th. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed that a new Apple TV with 4K will also be presented, and also revealed additional information about it.


Apple TV with 4K, which will be called Apple TV 5, will broadcast content in 2160p quality and support HDR, Dolby Vision, etc. To play video in 4K, the owners of the new Apple TV must have internet at a speed of 15 Mb / s, otherwise the TV will be able to show only in 1080p quality.

Apple TV will render natively at 2160p ([emailprotected]) and supports a variety of color formats

– Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) September 10, 2017

Apple has already started offering 4K and HDR videos in the iTunes Store. For other apps, 4K updates are due out too. Due to the need for fast internet, the new Apple TV is likely to be available only in some countries.

Since there will be powerful content in Apple TV with 4K, its price will rise slightly.

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