What do users think of Apple TV 4K?

The Apple TV 4K prefix went on sale in some countries yesterday. In Russia, however, the release will take place a week later – September 29th. Especially for those who have not yet decided whether to buy this device or not, we have collected and summarized the reviews of the largest foreign publications at Apple TV 4K.


BuzzFeed News

The position of the publication is that Apple TV 4K is not worth the investment unless you have an extensive library of content or the ability to purchase movies and TV shows on iTunes:

In general, the new Apple TV 4K is suitable for those who have already purchased enough content in their iTunes library and now want to enjoy a 4K version that older versions do not support.


I spent only a day with Apple TV 4K (full review will be released later this week), but already now I can say that this is the TV box I've been waiting for all this time. While I was fine with the previous version at first, this changed as soon as I changed my TV to OLED – a panel from LG with 4K support. The set-top box's 4K support was sorely lacking, so I switched to built-in apps for viewing content in 4K and HDR and used Apple TV only to buy content on iTunes. The new revision of the set-top box satisfies all my needs for media content.


This edition notes a lot of positive aspects of the new console, but notes that it may not be worth the stated price. Indeed, in general, the device offers the same functionality as competitors, but at the same time it costs much more.

But whether this all matches the $ 179 price tag (or $ 199 if you want a 64GB version) is a big question. Given the large number of decent set-top boxes for $ 100 or less, it's hard to accept such a markup simply for being Apple. This prefix is ​​intended mainly for fans Apple who are loyal to the cost of their equipment.

Recall that in Russia the cost Apple TV 4K was 13 490 rubles for the version with 32 GB of memory and 13 990 – for 64 GB.

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