TvOS 11.2 will be able to automatically switch frame rate and dynamic range to Apple TV 4K

Today Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, as well as tvOS 11.2 for Apple TV Gen 4 and newer.


The tvOS 11.2 patch notes a new 'unseen' category in Movies, TV Shows and Home Videos.

There are also a couple of improvements for Apple TV 4K in the new beta.

The first allows you to automatically switch frame rate and dynamic range to play different content.

'AVKit can automatically change frame rate and dynamic range when playing video at Apple TV 4K in almost all cases. In tvOS 11.2, applications without AVKit support will also be able to do this, 'says Apple.

In the Audio and Video section of Settings, users will be able to enable the option with which the video will be played back at its original frame rate and dynamic range.

By default, the setting is not active.

If you enable the option, tvOS 11.2 will automatically adjust the metrics for the content being played.

If the video is 24fps with standard dynamic range, the TV will switch to 24KVS SDR mode. When the video ends, the device will return to normal mode.

However, the new option does not work in applications that do not support AVKit or the new APIs.

The new features will dramatically improve the Apple TV 4K owner's experience of compatible games or other media on HDR-enabled TVs.

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