TVOS 11 is now in its fourth public beta

Following the fifth beta for tvOS 11 developers, new software for Apple TV is now available to beta program members Apple.

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TvOS 11 public beta 4 has the same functionality as tvOS 11 beta 5 for developers.

How to install tvOS 11 public beta

To install the tvOS public beta on Apple TV Gen 4, log into the Beta Program website using Safari using your permanent Apple ID. Register your device.

Go to 'Settings' => 'Accounts' on your Apple TV and log into one of your accounts using the identifier Apple ID that you used when registering for the Beta Testing Program Apple.

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Finally, go to 'Settings' => 'System' => 'Software Update' and enable the 'Receive public beta updates' option. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

TVOS 11 is now in its fourth public beta

The Software Update mechanism will help you stay informed about new public beta versions of tvOS 11. If you would like to check for tvOS updates manually, go to Settings => System => Software Update. Activate the 'Update software' option.

TVOS 11 is now in its fourth public beta

We strongly discourage installing the tvOS public beta on a device you use on a daily basis.

To send Apple bug reports, use the Feedback Assistant app to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with beta iOS eleven.

New tvOS 11

tvOS 11 contains minor improvements such as the ability to sync multiple device home screens Apple TV via iCloud, automatic switching between day and night modes based on local time, new background for multitasking modes, support for notifications , customizable voice-over support, improved layered image quality, support for right-to-left languages, and more.

TvOS 11 will be officially released this fall. The new software targets the fourth generation of devices Apple TV.

Have you installed the tvOS public beta? If so, which innovation do you like best and why? Please tell us and other readers in the comments!

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