TvOS 11 adds support for multiple accounts and picture-in-picture

According to the Israeli web portal The Verifier, according to information obtained from reliable sources, the company Apple plans to add support for multiple accounts in the tvOS 11 operating system, designed to work on devices Apple TV of the fourth generations. The content on the screen will also be formed according to the settings of the used profile.


Thus, when logging into their account, the user will only see their music library Apple Music, photo library iCloud Photo and their movie history from the iTunes store.

Most likely, the process of adding user accounts on a device Apple TV running tvOS 11 will be as simple as possible, and switching between them will be no more difficult than switching between different channels. According to the source, the company Apple is currently in the final stages of developing new features, but their implementation may be delayed until the release of a large firmware update to tvOS 11 later this year. TvOS 11 adds support for multiple accounts and picture-in-picture

Additionally, tvOS 11 will have a picture-in-picture function, which shouldn't be surprising, since this function first appeared in iOS 9.With its help, the user can minimize the window with the video stream into one from the corners of the screen and continue browsing other content stored on the device or using other tvOS apps. But there will be no possibility to create two separate windows with simultaneous playback of two different video streams. When the second window is created, the content of the first window is paused.

Most users Apple TV 4 will welcome the opportunity to use multiple accounts, since this device, which is most often located in the living room, is used on an ongoing basis by all family members, each of whom has their own accounts Apple ID.

What other innovations are you looking forward to Apple in tvOS 11 at this year's WWDC developer conference? Write in the comments below!

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