TvOS 10.1 jailbreak development for Apple TV 4 is in full swing

Although the ability to sign 'tvOS 10.1' was closed yesterday, along with the ability to sign iOS 10.2, but for those who have device Apple TV 4 is still running the penultimate OS version, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. A tweet from software development consultant Jonathan Levin confirms that one of the exploits that were used to develop the 'yalu102' jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 could be used in tvOS 10.1, which as a result, confirms the fact that the development of the jailbreak is in full swing.

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As previously reported by Sebastien, the exploits used to develop Luca Todesco's 'yalu102' jailbreak were believed to be largely applicable to tvOS, namely tvOS 10.1. The news confirms that these assumptions are confirmed and the proof is the successful demonstration of 'CVE-2017-2370' on the device. This is one of the vulnerabilities identified by Ian Bier, a contributor to Project Zero from Google, that provides read-write access to the memory core. However, it is not yet clear if the other vulnerabilities that are an integral part of Todesco's tool are applicable, or if workarounds will have to be developed to create a complete jailbreak solution.

This chain of events shows that with a bit of luck and ingenuity, the 'yalu102' tool can be adapted to jailbreak a device Apple TV 4 on tvOS 10.1. Assuming such a development, a few days ago we published a guide detailing how to restore your device Apple TV to tvOS 10.1, and advised how to upgrade to this firmware. Hopefully, many of our readers will stay on 'tvOS 10.1' while awaiting the release of the upcoming jailbreak tool.

We will keep you informed of further developments regarding the device Apple TV 4 and the jailbreak for it. Currently, check which version of tvOS your device is running; if it's 'tvOS 10.1' or lower then stay on it and don't forget to disable automatic firmware update for your device Apple TV 4.

Users who have restored to 'tvOS 10.1' firmware before closing the signature window should make sure that automatic firmware update is also disabled.

Now we are all frozen in anticipation. Hopefully we will see a rough outline of the jailbreak tool being created in the coming weeks. Is your device Apple TV 4 running 'tvOS 10.1'? Are you waiting for a jailbreak for Apple TV?

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