Reviews about Apple TV 4: this is the best set-top box at the moment

Apple TV 4 is finally heading to its customers, namely those who pre-ordered it earlier this week. If you're not sure if your new receiver deserves all the buzz around it from Apple, we've collected a few device reviews here. Basically, they all boil down to this: Apple TV is awesome!

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In general, Apple TV 4 was not originally supposed to contain many super-features and revolutionize the market: the previous models were good, and all that had to be done was to add the missing features that are in competing receivers, for example, support for third-party programs and games or voice control. Just this kind of thing was implemented in the new Apple TV at the highest level.

The Verge claims that Apple TV 4 is the best set-top box so far:

All digital receivers currently available on the market are competing to see who better collects everything you want to watch in one place, has a more convenient search and works faster. All this Apple TV 4 does better or just as well as any other similar product. Its platform contains all possible programs for streaming video (except Amazon Prime Video), Siri does an excellent job and can recognize more of your questions than the voice control of Fire TV 2 or Roku, and the playback starts very quickly. If you want a good new digital video receiver, feel free to buy a new one Apple TV. (I'd recommend the base model for $ 149.) You'll love it.

Walt Mossberg in the material for Re / code expresses a similar opinion and says that it is the applications for Apple TV that distinguish it from other receivers:

I can say that if I were now choosing an adapter for digital video, I would buy exactly Apple TV 4 only because of the large number of applications for it.

By making its set-top box part of a huge ecosystem of software and services, the company provides Apple TV a far broader perspective than competing receivers from Roku or Amazon. This is the whole point. If Apple did not reinvent television, then it definitely rediscovered the concept of a digital receiver.

Brian Chen of the New York Times believes that apps and a “plethora of innovative solutions” make Apple TV the best there is on the market:

A plethora of innovations and apps for Apple TV 4 convince me that the $ 149 redesigned box is the best video streaming device you can get yourself.

You can trust me, I have tested hundreds of similar devices over the past 10 years and nothing will surprise me. My publisher thought I was bribed or threatened when I said I liked Apple TV. But in reality, I can only give a rave review to a product that is truly different from the rest, and Apple TV 4 is that.

CNET emphasizes that the new Apple TV is more expensive than most competing devices and lacks some important services such as Amazon Prime Video. But all this pays off with the experience that this receiver can give you as a user:

Some of my friends, the smartest people, just really like the products Apple – and after playing with the new one Apple TV for several days I understand why. Over the years, I've tried literally every similar device from Roku, Amazon and Google, not counting the numerous Smart TV systems and game consoles. All of them can play Netflix, Hulu and YouTube videos on TV, but none is as enjoyable to work with as Apple TV.

USA Today puts it a little differently and suggests that other set-top boxes may be a better choice, especially for those looking to watch movies and shows in 4K:

Fans will certainly be very excited about the new Apple TV – three years after the previous version. But if you're looking for a cheaper option or have a 4K TV, try a different receiver.

Of course, it's a pity that there is no 4K support in Apple TV when 4K TV is gaining popularity and becomes available to the average consumer. But in general, almost all the reviews that can be found now (there are already a lot of them and there will be even more) give the new box from Apple a very high rating.

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