Jailbreak tvOS 11.1 backr00m released for Apple TV; electraTV 11.3.1 coming out

The popular and talented developer nitoTV is back in business. This time, one of the most zealous and underrated jailbreak experts has released a jailbreak for Apple TV with tvOS 10.2.2 – 11.1.x called backr00m.

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Now all the attention is focused on the long-awaited Electra 1131 jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1, released quite recently.

However, not all users are exclusively interested in jailbreaking iPhone and iPad. Jailbreak for Apple TV is also popular and attracts more and more interest among users every day.

In this regard, the developer nitoTV decided to create and release a new tool. His name is known in the narrow circles of tvOS jailbreak fans. He is one of the few hackers dedicated to Apple TV, not iPhone and iPad.

The backr00m jailbreak is compatible with Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K HDR with tvOS 10.2.2 – tvOS 11.1.x. Several developers contributed to its creation: PshycoTea, CoolStar, nullpixel, Pwn20wnd, S1guza and JayWalker.

nitoTV also confirmed that an electraTV jailbreak for tvOS 11.3.x by CoolStar and the Electra team is expected soon. The tool will use exploits discovered by Ian Beer. It is not yet known exactly when electraTV will be released, but the tool will definitely be useful to those who have tvOS 11.3 installed.

You can download the jailbreak here: nito.tv

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