Jailbreak Apple TV 4 for iOS 10.0-10.1 is ready: release is coming

As previously reported, rumors of a jailbreak for the undeservedly forgotten Apple TV 4 appeared shortly after the Project Zero exploits were disclosed, and especially spread when Luca Todesco used these exploits to update the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2.


Shortly after the release of Yalu, it was revealed that many exploits are also suitable for tvOS, so the developer Apple TV nitoTV reported that the jailbreak could be modified to work on this platform.

It looks like nitoTV has largely moved away from personal involvement, but he notes that a number of other developers are working on the project. So, the developer refers to the software consultant and expert iOS Jonathan Levin. In a recent tweet, Levin confirms that the tvOS jailbreak has been completed and that it will be possible to get more details and install it soon. Literally, the content of Levin's tweet looks like this:

Jailbreak Apple TV 4 for iOS 10.0-10.1 is ready: release is coming

This is great news for Apple TV 4 owners, especially those who have rolled back to tvOS 10.1 or have stayed on any 10.x version of the software. The forthcoming jailbreak will probably work for all tvOS 10.0-10.1 series, but not the latest tvOS 10.1.1. This firmware is incompatible with iOS 10.2.1, which was jailbroken by Yalu, so it will not be supported.

Some users have posted their questions about the applicability of the jailbreak for Apple TV 4, citing its smaller user base and insufficient usefulness. However, there are few available applications without an up-to-date tool, since no one is actively developing, testing and improving them. It is possible that a large number of users, coupled with a desire to test, can contribute to some progress in this direction and an increase in the assessment of the benefits of jailbreak.

The most exciting feature of the jailbreak may be the appearance of Cydia Substrate in tvOS, which would allow you to install the latest tweaks on your device instead of unknown applications. This will definitely increase the jailbreak value for Apple TV as well as for iOS. However, these are only guesses, because so far there is no information about the possibilities of the upcoming release.

As soon as the jailbreak for tvOS 10.0-10.1 is released, we will announce it. We will also publish all relevant details at today's interim stage. For now, we recommend that all users Apple TV 4 stay on firmware versions 10.0-10.1 and do not update to avoid problems.

Do you have Apple TV 4 with jailbreak? Please write in the comments ideas for installing useful tweaks and applications.

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