How to increase memory Apple TV

Today we decided to disassemble the device Apple TV and see what is inside it. This is definitely a device only for those who like to watch TV. The question arises: why Apple added a hard disk to Apple TV less than the Video iPod. The last few generations of iPods have been able to connect to TVs at the sacrifice of video quality, so little memory is surprising.


We found a way to increase the hard disk memory Apple TV from the initial 40GB to 120GB. Below we will describe how this was done.

There is not much inside the box with Apple TV. There is a manual, a power cable, a remote Apple Remote and itself Apple TV.


To disassemble the body Apple TV, it is enough to unscrew only eight bolts. You can then remove the Fujitsu 40GB hard drive. Apple uses a green thermal panel to avoid hard drive overheating.



After that, you need to move all parts of the original hard drive to the new one. It will take a long time, but you can study the content Apple TV in the process.


It's amazing how few components are there in such a powerful device. Apart from the motherboard, there is almost nothing here. There is an 802.11n card like in computers Apple. You will also find a fan for cooling the case and a large power transmitter. It is large in comparison with the device itself. Apart from the memory of the hard disk, nothing can be improved.

The housing Apple TV has a hole for the Wi-Fi antenna. Thus, the only obstacle to signal transmission is plastic. Accordingly, Apple TV catches Wi-Fi very well.


When you're done with your new hard drive, you can mount it in the case. We used a 120GB Western Digital drive and just put the old one next to it.


The original hard drive has several partitions that must be preserved to work Apple TV. On a 40GB disk, only 35.83GB is available for content.


After installing a new hard drive, 74.66GB of memory will be added to the available 35.83GB. To copy the partitions, we used the disk utility.


After setting up your device via iTunes, you will receive Apple TV with 107GB of available memory. That's three times the standard Apple TV and 20GB more than the best iPod.


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