Best fireplace apps for Apple TV

Everyone has a favorite screensaver for Apple TV. It can be the sun rising over the ocean or an aquarium with brightly colored fish. If you prefer cozy fireplaces, the apps below will delight you.

Fireplace-HD-Plus - Apple - TV-Featured

Criteria and functions

  • Realism: Why do you need a fireplace on the screen if it looks unrealistic? We didn't even include non-realistic fireplaces on the list.
  • Sound: A fireplace without a crackling fire is not a fireplace. Sound effects are an essential part of these applications.

First Rule Fireplace

First-Rule-Fireplace - Apple - TV

First Rule Fireplace is a great relaxation app. Here's what it has to offer you:

  • Three options for screensavers with fireplaces.
  • Sound effect of rain.
  • Background music.

You can adjust the volume of the rain and music sounds separately to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself. All in all this is an awesome fireplace app.

  • Support: Apple TV.
  • Price: Free

Fantastic Fireplace

Fantastic-Fireplace - Apple - TV

Another great fireplace app is Fantastic Fireplace. Here are its functions:

  • Free screensaver with fireplace.
  • Crackling fire on the background.
  • Additional screensaver options for a fee.

Fantastic Fireplace will help you unwind after a long day at work.

  • Support: Apple TV.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases.


Atmo-Fireplace - Apple - TV

Atmo is a bit different from the other apps on the list as it doesn't just feature a fireplace.

  • Beautiful splash with a fireplace.
  • Crackling fire.
  • Additional screensavers with a river landscape, an aquarium, etc. More screensavers can be purchased separately.

If you want to be able to choose according to your mood, this application is for you.

  • Support: Apple TV.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases.

Fireplace HD +

Fireplace-HD-Plus - Apple - TV

If you're willing to pay for an app, choose Fireplace HD +. That's why:

  • Four screensavers with different fireplaces.
  • Various sound effects with crackling fire.
  • During the holiday season, holiday songs are available in the background.

Fireplace HD + will help you set any atmosphere, no matter what kind of company you are in. And holiday radio is a great bonus.

  • Support: Apple TV.
  • Price: 149 rub.

Dim the lights, tuck your legs up and relax. Once you turn on one of these apps, all your stress is relieved by hand.

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