Apple advertises apps for Apple TV in their new videos

Tim Cook has stressed in numerous interviews that the future of television lies in programs and applications. The marketing department Apple seems to be in full agreement with this point of view, since it is the applications that are the focus of the company's recent YouTube ads Apple TV. This ad features content from a wide variety of apps and games from a variety of developers.

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In all videos, for the first moments, a splash with old-school color stripes Apple hangs. There are no users Apple TV in the videos, only programs and games.

The first video shows the Star Wars expansion for Disney Infinity. For those who don't know, in Disney Infinity, the purchase of actual game content is associated with the purchase of physical objects, namely collectible figures of Disney characters, there are also characters from the Marvel universes and now Star Wars. The new addition and commercial is dedicated to the classic Star Wars.

The second video features HBO Now content for Apple TV. Launched at the Spring Forward event in March, HBO Now is an app for watching HBO without connecting to an appropriate cable operator. The footage from the famous 'Game of Thrones' was selected as a video sequence for the advertisement, the shadow of a flying dragon falls directly on the opening screen.

The third video is dedicated to the popular racing arcade Asphalt 8. The game became one of the first signs of the new set-top boxing, it retains support for gamepads for those who are inconvenient to drive a car with Remote.

The following video showcases Netflix movie and TV show streaming service. This time, footage from the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black was shown. The colors Apple were also used, they turned into the bars of the prison bars.

Crossy Road was chosen for one more video. This choice is not accidental, because it was Crossy Road that was involved in the September event, where it was announced Apple TV.

Subsequently, the list was expanded with a new commercial featuring Fozzie and Kermit, characters on the ABC show Muppets. As you can easily conclude, the ABC app is advertised in the video. Muppets, by the way, are available in the application for free and without ads, like many other programs of this TV channel. Some shows have free ad access and some require a cable subscription to ABC.

Apple naturally wants to show that the coolest apps are available on Apple TV and therefore you should definitely buy this device yourself. What do you think of these videos?

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