WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

WWDC 2018 officially kicked off with a traditional presentation. This year we were not presented with new technology, but we did show a lot of system updates. Below we list everything worth your attention.


iOS 12

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

Improved performance

As promised, iOS 12 focuses on improving system stability and performance, not new features, although there will be many. In addition, iOS 12 will be supported by models released back in 2013.

ARKit 2

The ARKit platform has many new features, including integration with Adobe Creative Suite. You can also measure real objects by pointing your camera iPhone at them.

App updates

In iOS 12, the search in the Photos app has been changed, and a new section 'For you' has been added with recommended photos to share.

Virtual Assistant Siri is iOS 12 smarter with a new Workflow-style app.

The News, Promotions and Voice Notes applications have also been updated. The iBooks app is now Apple Books and has many new features and sections.

CarPlay adds support for third-party navigation apps.

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

Health and Memoji features

The two most significant features iOS 12 are parental / health control and Memoji.

Parents will get more ways to control how their children use their devices. You can also keep track of how much time you spend on your device and link the Do Not Disturb mode to time and location.

Do Not Disturb can now be automatically activated at night. You can turn off notifications for specific periods of time, or only allow them on the lock screen.

You will receive weekly reports on how much time you spend at your device and how many times you look at the screen per day. You can also set time limits for your children to use the apps.

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

The Memoji feature allows you to create Animoji characters that look like yourself. In addition, iOS 12 contains new Animoji.

FaceTime conferences

FaceTime conferences will appear in iOS 12, in which up to 32 users can participate simultaneously.

watchOS 5

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

The system update for Apple Watch does not support the third-party watch faces that rumors promised, but other new features have appeared.


Now you can challenge your friends to a weekly activity competition. In addition, yoga and walking in mountainous areas, as well as running, appeared in training. watchOS can finally automatically recognize and activate exercise mode.


One of the best features in watchOS 5 is the new Walkie-Talkie app, which lets you talk like a walkie-talkie over Wi-Fi or cellular.

Watch Face Updates Siri

The watch face Siri, released last year, will have new features. These include support for third-party apps and recommended app icons. In addition, now you don't have to start a conversation with your virtual assistant with 'Hello Siri'.

Podcasts, WebKit

Apple Watch will add support for podcasts and WebKit. You will be able to view web content in mail and messages.

tvOS 12

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

Dolby ATMOS support

The main feature of tvOS 12 is Dolby ATMOS audio support. Purchased iTunes content will be automatically updated.

Simple authorization

Now you can log into the application without doing anything if the device is connected to a saved home Wi-Fi network.

Do you like the wallpaper Apple TV? Now using the remote control Siri you can find out more about them, including the location of the photo. In addition, images from the International Space Station will be added.

macOS 10.14

WWDC 2018 Results: Everything You Need to Know About

Dark Mode & Mac Refreshed App Store

MacOS Mojave introduces full dark mode, and Mac App Store looks like App Store in iOS.

Desktop Stack Function

With the Desktop Stacks feature, you can sort your files by type, date and tags. The Finder now has a gallery view, additional data in the sidebar, and quick actions. In addition, Quick Look will add support for Markup tools. More screenshot tools will also be added.

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera lets you take pictures in iPhoto and view them on Mac without even uploading files. There are also News, Stocks and Voice Memos apps for Mac. The Home app will also be added in the future.


Safari has new privacy features. Most of the developer tools won't be out until 2019.

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