How to trade Pokémon with friends in Pokémon Go

The very word 'Pokemon' makes you feel nostalgic and give you goosebumps for those who grew up in the 90s. Yes, it's just a cartoon, but at the same time it's a whole universe. She was the one that could unite all the children of the world.

Pokemon go

And now, in the age of smartphones, the whole world is playing Pokémon Go. Hundreds of millions of people around the planet are hooked on it, who get out on the streets and explore new places. The game was so popular that it led to the release of a new one – Pokémon Quest.

The developers have added a new feature to the game – now you can exchange Pokemon with your friends. It is a very simple and secure system. Just add your friends and exchange with them. The system is so simple that the developers did not even add chat, and it is present in almost all games with multiplayer.

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How to trade Pokémon in Pokémon Go

It is very easy to exchange Pokémon in the game. Your friend must be registered with Pokémon GO in order for you to trade with them. Another condition is that a friend must be near you or live nearby.

The game searches for nearby users and notifies you about them. When you receive an alert, you can exchange a Pokemon with the user.

How to trade Pokémon with friends in Pokémon Go

Best of all, you can trade even after looking at what Pokémon your friend has. You can also cancel the trade if you change your mind. You can set the terms of exchange and gain experience in the game.

When you agree to trade, the game will display a traditional trade screen with your Pokémon that you are giving away and the one that is given to you. You can even say goodbye to the Pokemon before it leaves you.

The exchange also increases your friendship level, which will help unlock unique Pokémon. You can exchange Pokémon with the user multiple times. To exchange, you must have at least level 10, and you must be 13 or more years old. Each exchange costs money in the form of game currency (100 units).

When your friendship level grows, you will be able to receive discounts on trade up to 96%. In the game, you can exchange up to 100 Pokémon per day, which is quite good for yourself.

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