Top 20 Apps for iPhone XR

Once you have a brand new iPhone XR in your hands, you probably want to make the most of it. And your smartphone can really help you become more productive, view news in a convenient format, edit photos, and more! The right apps are key, and today we're going to tell you what to install on your iPhone XR.


This article presents the best apps from different categories. This is not promotional material.

1. Teams

Siri - Shortcuts - iOS - 12

The Commands app is one of the best new features iOS 12. It adds custom commands for Siri that allow you to automate routine tasks. It will be enough for you to say the selected phrase for the smartphone to launch a sequence of actions through Siri.

For example, you can force Siri to turn off the lights in your house, read the latest news, turn on Do Not Disturb mode, and much more with just one phrase.

The commands are compatible with a number of third party applications. Their number is constantly growing and already includes Carrot Weather, Streaks, Overcast, Trello and other programs.

Download Commands in App Store


Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 15.27.04

1Password, the best password manager for iPhone, just got better with the release of the update under iOS 12. Now you can use it to log in to any websites and applications with one touch. 1Password is able to store passwords, bank cards and other data encrypted.

Download 1Password at App Store

3. Overcast

Best - iPhone - X-Apps-10

Overcast is perhaps the best alternative to the native Podcasts app out there today. It is convenient to use due to its user-friendly interface and features like Smart Speed ​​and Voice Boost. The first automatically removes all areas of silence, which helps save time, and the second makes voices louder. At the same time, both functions are available in the free version of the application, you will need to pay only if you want to listen to your own files via Overcast.

Download Overcast in App Store

4. Houseparty

FaceTime doesn't have a group video calling feature yet, but you can use Houseparty to talk to multiple friends at the same time. One of the undoubted advantages of the application is the ability to create permanent rooms where any of the invited users will be able to enter if they wish at any time.

Download Houseparty at App Store


Best - iPhone - X-Apps-13

Perhaps this application needs no introduction. However, if you've postponed installing VSCO before, it's worth doing it now! Even the free version has a huge number of filters and sliders, some of which have become classics long ago!

Download VSCO at App Store

6. Lightroom

Lightroom _ 6501

If you lack the ability to shoot raw on iPhones, then Lightroom from Adobe is a great choice! This app is free, supports syncing with Photoshop and Lightroom on your computer (if you have a Creative Cloud membership), and lets you not only shoot RAW, JPEG and HEIC, but also edit photos using a variety of sliders.

One of the important advantages is the ability to save the processing sequence, as a result of which you can create your own filters – in addition to the presets that are in Lightroom by default. All in all, Lightroom this is a great app if you are more interested not in filters, but in manual settings (including working with curves).

Download Lightroom to App Store

7. PCalc Lite

Best - iPhone - X-Apps-8

PCalc Lite is a great replacement for the standard calculator iOS. It's easy to customize, the app has several themes, a handy widget – and yes, it's compatible with Commands Siri.

Download PCalc Lite in App Store

8. LikeALocal


If you are a frequent traveler and like to plan your route yourself, the LikeALocal app will probably come in handy. Collected here are the best recommendations from locals about places to visit, from large shopping centers to atmospheric cafes hidden from the usual tourist routes. The application itself is a mirror of the site of the same name, which has a great advantage: you can use it offline.

Log in to the application, and all saved bookmarks will be available right on your phone. Even without internet, you can view location descriptions, addresses and opening hours.

Download LikeALocal in App Store

9. Snapseed

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 14.36.33

With Snapseed you can do wonders with photos taken at iPhone – and that's no exaggeration. This free app contains all the tools you may need to enhance and correct your photos. Of course, you can tweak basic things like brightness, contrast and exposure.

However Snapseed stands out among similar applications with its advanced color saturation and highlight settings. And that's not all, as they say! You can add effects not to the entire image at once, but only to the selected part. This editor offers you Photoshop-like functionality in a free app for iPhone.

Download Snapseed to App Store

10. Yandex.Music


If for some reason you do not like Apple Music, Yandex.Music is an excellent alternative to streaming service. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the synchronization of libraries (you do not have to add tracks from Apple Music again), a convenient system of likes and dislikes, which will affect the songs and albums recommended to you, as well as really relevant playlists that Yandex.Music makes up every day especially for you.

In addition, the app has a dark theme that not only looks amazing on iPhone XR, but also gives you less eye strain. You can test the service for free for three months, then the monthly subscription price will be 169 rubles. – as in Apple Music.

Download Yandex.Music in App Store

11. Pocket

Best - iPhone - X-Apps-14

Surely you often find interesting articles on the Internet, but you do not always have enough time to read them. With Pocket, you can save them to your smartphone and read them whenever it suits you! The application not only saves articles from any sites, but also removes all formatting and ads so that all your attention is paid to the material. Plus, one of Pocket's great features is the ability to voice over any article. So you can listen to the saved articles in the car and have a good time. Finally, the last advantage of this service is that it is completely free and does not require a subscription; you can log in through your account at Google.

Download Pocket in App Store

12. Feedly

There is more and more information around, algorithms in social networks are constantly changing, and RSS are becoming popular again. If you want to collect all the content from your favorite sites in one place, Feedly is a great choice. Its main advantages are its minimalist, intuitive design and synchronization between the browser version and the application, so that you will be comfortable using it both on the road from your phone and at home at your computer.

Download Feedly at App Store



Apple Maps is a great service, but let's face it, it doesn't work equally well in every country. 2GIS is one of the best alternative mapping services in Russia, offering correct navigation even in small towns. You can download maps of individual cities and regions to your phone to use the application offline. A nice bonus – 2GIS shows which organizations are in the building and allows you to build a route to the desired entrance.

Download 2GIS in App Store

14. Bear Writer

Bear-1.6 - iPhone - 1

Feeling like you're missing out on the functionality of the standard Notes application? Then check out Bear Writer. Its important feature is the ability to sync with the application of the same name for Mac. At the same time, Bear has a function for creating chains from notes – and this is much more convenient than making several subsections in one note. And yes, Bear Writer is compatible with Commands Siri! The only drawback is that Bear Writer only works in the ecosystem Apple, so if you have, say, iPhone and your main PC on Windows, you won't be able to sync the data.

Download Bear Writer at App Store

15. Adobe Fill & Sign

sign-on-smartphone-high-res-640 × 640

If you often work with documents away from home and office, Fill & Sign from Adobe will be useful for you. This application allows you to turn a photo of a document into a decent-looking scan, as well as sign it right away! Received documents can be exported to PDF and other formats, or immediately sent to a computer via AirDrop, email or social networks and instant messengers – including Slack.

Download Adobe Fill & Sign at App Store

16. Live Exporter

Surely you have come across a situation when you have taken a Live photo and want to send it to a friend or post it on a social network, but you cannot do it. Thanks to the Live Exporter program, you can make a video or GIF from a Live photo in a couple of taps and save it to your phone or send it by mail, AirDrop or messenger.

Download Live Exporter at App Store

17. Yandex.Disk


The Files app on iPhone is pretty good, but it cannot replace the functionality of Yandex.Disk or Dropbox. If you use Yandex file storage more often, do not forget to download the application so that you can view and organize files right from your phone.

Download Yandex.Disk in App Store

18. TickTick

ticktick-screenshots-siri-780 × 579

TickTick is the best free task management app on iOS. It provides many useful features, such as dividing tasks into folders or projects, a system of tags and reminders. And, again, all this is free and always at your fingertips.

Download TickTick at App Store

19. Dropbox Paper

iPhone - XS-Best-Apps-2

If you're using multiple apps to organize your to-do lists, documents, and notes, it's time to download Dropbox Paper and collect it all in one place. In addition, the application also provides a system of tags, comments, support for inserting media files and prioritization.

Download Dropbox Paper at App Store

20. Focos

Best - iPhone - X-Apps-6

iPhone XR has added a new Depth function with which you can adjust the blur and bokeh effect in portrait mode. If you like this innovation, then you will surely love the Focos app as it gives you control over the strength of the bokeh in both the foreground and background, and the depth range here is wider than in the default editor: from f / 1.4 to f / 20 (Film supports depth up to f / 16).

Download Focos at App Store

Best App for iPhone XR

What apps do you like? Can you remember which program you downloaded the very first on your iPhone? tell us about it in the comments!

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