Why you should wait for the jailbreak iOS 11

If you've been following the news, you've probably heard that security specialist Ian Beer has released a 'tfp0' exploit that can be used to jailbreak iOS 11.

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Many people think that jailbreak is dead, but it is not. While jailbreak iOS 11 is not yet possible, we have many reasons to wait for its release. Below we have listed all the most important ones.

iPhone X with new features

iPhone X – first iPhone with OLED – display. Jailbreak for such a smartphone will inspire developers to create new tweaks that will squeeze everything out of the stunning new Super Retina HD display.

Developers will not only create tweaks for iPhone X, but will also be able to transfer some of the exclusive functions of this model to other smartphones Apple, like iPhone 8, etc.

iOS 11 – great software

Many people think that iOS 10 was more reliable than iOS 11, but this is not the case. The latest version contains a huge number of new features, as well as fixes all bugs and vulnerabilities that can threaten the safety of users.

Jailbreak the latest operating system would provide users with the best of both worlds. Developers could use the iOS 11 features to create brand new tweaks.

Going beyond

Apple makes great software, but it's very limited. Jailbreak would expand the capabilities of the system and satisfy all the needs of users.

Here are some of the potential iOS 11 jailbreak features:

  • Personal Hotspot activation without operator consent
  • Unlimited access to technology NFC
  • Unlimited application of mods
  • Detailed user interface personalization iOS
  • Access to any themes and tweaks that improve iOS
  • And much more

Tweaks influence future decisions Apple

Jailbreak tweaks inspire developers Apple to create new features for future versions of the system. They often borrow ideas from tweak creators.

Jailbreak iOS 11 would lead to interesting and useful tweaks, which could become official features in the future iOS.

Apple often hires tweak developers for a reason. Many of the features in the latest software have been built from tweaks, and the same may happen with iOS 12 next year.

Opportunities for aspiring developers

For many developers, creating jailbreak tweaks is a great way to start a career.

Many such developers eventually begin to create applications for App Store or work with Apple directly. They wouldn't have gained their skills if they hadn't practiced coding while creating tweaks and add-ons.

Every time we hear the names of new developers, jailbreak iOS 11 would be no exception.

Jailbreak brings people together

Many people get upset when the jailbreak news doesn't appear for a long time. But everything changes when it becomes known about the release of something new.

Every year, new jailbreaks motivate developers to create tweaks and give them the opportunity to enjoy what they love.

The release of iOS 11 jailbreak will bring everyone together, even if it is the last one.


Considering how developers will be able to use the jailbreak iOS 11, it is simply impossible not to wait for its release. We continue to hope and believe that the tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.0 – 11.1.2 will lead to its creation.

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