Why old models iPhone start to run slower over time (FAQ)

For a long time there has been a theory that Apple deliberately slows down the work of old models iPhone so that users buy new ones.

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Recently Apple admitted that there is a special feature in iOS that slows down the old ones iPhone to save energy. It turns out that the company itself has confirmed all theories and rumors.

We studied the situation and answered the most popular questions from users.

Apple admitted to deliberately slowing down older models iPhone?

Apple admitted that iOS has a feature that slows down old ones iPhone so that they don't suddenly turn off when the battery is low.

The company added it because over time, the battery loses power and cannot keep the smartphone running, leading to sudden shutdowns.

What models does this apply to?

This feature is available on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. It is not available on 'Plus' models and this another reason to buy this particular option.

When does the battery iPhone start to lose power?

According to Apple, the battery loses 20% of its power after 500 full charges. If you charge your smartphone every day, it will start to run slower about a year and a half from the date of purchase. However, it is unclear if the function is more active when even more power is lost.

How to find out the state of your iPhone?

You can download the Geekbench app at App Store (link) and check yours iPhone. You can also use the free Cpu DasherX application for testing (link).

Here are the new Geekbench results iPhone:

Model iPhone

One core

All cores

iPhone 6



iPhone 6s



iPhone 7



iPhone SE



If your iPhone Geekbench scores are much lower than the table, it might be the effect of the above feature.

In iOS 10.2.1 and later in Settings> Battery, a message may appear indicating that the battery needs to be replaced. It looks like this: 'The battery iPhone may need service'

Excerpt from doc Apple:

Using diagnostics iOS, we found that your battery iPhone needs to be replaced. As the battery approaches 500 full charge cycles, its capacity becomes less. As a result, you have to charge the device more and more often, and your iPhone may suddenly turn off.

This message does not threaten your safety, it simply alerts you to replace the battery. You can continue to use your iPhone until you contact a specialist.

Many factors affect battery performance, including the number of charge cycles, age, and exposure to high and low temperatures.

It is unknown if the message appears immediately after activating the function or later.

Are the theories correct? Apple slows down old models so that we buy new ones?

Older models iPhone start to run more slowly due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries lose power over time. Apple doesn't just slow them down.

In addition, the function is only activated when performing tasks that consume a lot of energy. In normal use, the old one iPhone shouldn't be slower than usual.

What else is slowing down iPhone?

There can be many reasons. Read about them in our article.

What should owners of old iPhone do?

You can have the battery replaced by a professional. We do not recommend contacting third-party specialists, as the use of unofficial batteries can lead to problems.

Do other smartphones work the same?

In power saving mode, the device slows down, the screen brightness decreases, the screen automatically locks after 30 seconds, background app refreshing, auto refresh and other visual effects are disabled. All this is used by other manufacturers. But no one has yet used the function in question. Perhaps companies will follow suit in the future Apple.

Did Apple get it right?

Apple could have avoided accusations by continuing to ignore theories. With devices slowing down after just six months, people have the right to be angry. It's too short a time to buy a new smartphone, so the company must compensate its users by replacing the batteries of their devices for free.

What else can Apple do?

Some people think that Apple should add an option to disable this feature in Settings. But the company is unlikely to do that.

In addition, Apple must figure out how to increase the power of their batteries without slowing down the devices. Smartphones can be made a little thicker to accommodate larger batteries. Such problems after only six months are unacceptable.

Will the used price change iPhone?

Yes, prices for used iPhone should be significantly lower. When buying old smartphones, you will have to change the battery, because the slow one iPhone is not needed by anyone.

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