Why is Gear Fit2 Pro not working on iOS?

When Samsung introduced the Gear Fit2 Pro fitness bracelet in late August, the presentation talked about compatibility with smartphones Android and iOS. Although the device went on sale 2 weeks ago, the owners iPhone still cannot use it.


Why it happens?

In fact, the reason is simple. Samsung still cannot get Apple to approve a branded application on iOS through which users must manage and store information from their Gear Fit2 Pro. The official reason for such delays Apple has not yet been announced.

It is possible that this is one of the many requirements for applications that want to publish in App Store. The idea that the whole problem is in the long-standing confrontation between two companies sounds less logical: they say, Apple recently released Apple Watch Series 3 and the Samsung bracelet is considered a competitor in the company.

Earlier wearables from Samsung (Gear S2, S3 and Gear Fit 2) got compatibility with iOS in early 2017. This took Samsung about a year. However, the aforementioned devices were not initially positioned as compatible with iPhone – unlike the Gear Fit2 Pro. Note that Apple at the same time does not seem to have any intention of making Apple Watch compatible with Android devices.

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