Users Apple Watch are most likely to use their watch to view the weather

According to a survey by Wristly, smartwatch owners use Apple Watch to view

Apple - Watch is used to view the weather

According to a survey of 1,300 members, Dark Sky is the most used app Apple Watch.

Dark Sky received twice as many votes as the apps in second (Overcast) and third (Fantastical calendar) places.

Weather apps are the most visited category in App Store, according to Wristly. CARROT Weather, AccuWeather and The Weather Channel were also present in the respondents' responses, but did not receive enough votes to get into the top list.

Bristly also notes that while 30% of respondents listen to music on Apple Watch weekly, 16% listen to podcasts. Summarizing the findings, Wristly summarizes:

'As expected, Apple Watch is not the right device for viewing all types of media content. Occasionally listening to music and adding podcasts demonstrates underutilization Apple Watch for media files'.

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