Tumblr to ban adult content from December 17

The Tumblr app was recently found to be in violation of the rules App Store. At first, everyone decided that Apple was overreacting, but then it turned out that the platform was spreading child pornography.


Due to this, Apple removed Tumblr from App Store. Tumblr's management has been working to remedy the situation for a long time, and it looks like this will be quite aggressive. Starting December 17, the platform will completely ban and remove 'adult content'.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, however Tumblr will block, remove, and hide sexually explicit and nudity content. Gifs, photos and videos of genitals, female nipples and media with intercourse, including illustrations, will be removed.

Exceptions are political protests with nudity, as well as classic nude statues. Paintings, including illustrations, of nudity on the platform are permitted, as well as images of breastfeeding mothers and photographs after childbirth. However, sexual acts cannot be depicted even in the form of illustrations.

The algorithms will find prohibited content on their own. In addition, users themselves will be able to complain about posts if they violate the established rules. The company says the algorithms can be wrong, but users will be able to submit applications for reconsideration.

“We've been seriously thinking about how our community should move into the future,” says the head of Tumblr. “We realized that in order to fulfill our promises and our role in culture, we must change. Especially considering that the culture itself is changing. '

The decision was made shortly after the application was removed from App Store. As a reminder, the spread of child pornography is to blame.

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