Tumblr app returned to App Store

Tumblr hasn't been doing so well lately. This is due to the fact that child pornography was distributed with its help.


After this was discovered, Apple removed the mobile app from App Store. This happened in mid-November, and in early December, Tumblr officials officially announced that all 'adult content' would be removed from the platform. This is a rather controversial solution, but judging by Apple it worked.

The Tumblr app returned to App Store this week. The latest version of the application says about all its changes, including the prohibition of certain types of content. Tumblr will recognize and remove adult content using a special algorithm. Here's what the Tumblr team writes:

Our new Community Guidelines will take effect on December 17, 2018.

New content uploaded from now on and tagged as adult content will no longer be allowed on Tumblr. We will also begin to tag and remove existing adult content with the ultimate goal of removing as much such content as possible.

Adult content primarily includes photographs, videos or GIFs that show the genitals of a real person or female nipples, as well as any content, including photos, videos, GIFs, and illustrations depicting sexual intercourse.

Examples of exceptions that are still allowed are naked female nipples during breastfeeding, during labor or the postpartum period, and health situations such as breast removal or gender reassignment surgery. Written material such as erotica, nudity in the context of political speech or news, and nudity in art, such as sculpture and illustration, are also material that you can post freely on Tumblr.

The decision by Tumblr's management drew a strong reaction. In addition, due to imperfect algorithms, content that is definitely not 'grown up' is removed. The company even expected this to happen at first.

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