Touch ID does not work in App Store after upgrading to iOS 8.3

Recently Apple released iOS 8.3. In it, they fixed many bugs, increased stability and improved performance. However, this update made it impossible for many to confirm purchases and downloads in App Store using Touch ID.


Hundreds of users iPhone and iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 3 reported on support forums Apple and Reddit that after updating to iOS 8.3, they encountered Touch ID not working in App Store.

Instead of checking their fingerprint before purchasing or downloading any new apps, App Store now asks the user for their Apple ID password. Even disabling and re-enabling Touch ID for App Store has not resolved the issue for affected users, and at this time, there will be no workarounds for this problem. It is likely that Apple will have to be released a little update iOS 8.3.1 to quickly fix this issue.

Recently, Apple has been criticized for the deteriorating quality of the produced iOS. It is believed that iOS 8 is the most unstable and most buggy firmware. Apple have released quite a few fixes and major versions of firmware to fix all the bugs. Does your Touch ID work in App Store after upgrading to iOS 8.3 on your iPhone or iPad?

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