Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

One of the most interesting innovations in iOS 11 is ARKit – a set of tools designed to work with augmented reality. Moreover, not only owners of iPhone 8 or iPhone X will be able to enjoy all the benefits of AR – even on SE everything is displayed without any problems. This article is devoted to these applications: we will tell and show how to diversify your leisure time and simplify your life with the help of augmented reality.


AR MeasureKit

Perhaps this is one of the most useful utilities that perfectly unleashes the potential of ARKit. It allows you to measure the distance and size of objects, keep track of movement and make marks in space. The app also knows how to measure angles. Judging by the first reviews, the system makes all measurements accurately. We can assume that in the near future in App Store there will be a lot of applications with similar functionality. After all, iOS 11 released quite recently and our review items are real pioneers in augmented reality for iPhone and iPad.

Download AR MeasureKit for free

World brush

Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

This program is a social application for drawing in space. That is, passing the wall, you can draw virtual graffiti on it, which will be saved in the system. Everyone passing by will be able to see this drawing through the application screen. It is surprising, however, that in the social application all the arts are displayed as anonymous and you can hardly find out who the author of the drawing is.

Download World Brush free

Carrot Weather

Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

Carrot Weather can be called a weather forecast with character. With the latest update, the amount of customization options has reached an incredible level. You may not recognize this application, even if you have it for a long time. The weather data is now accompanied by an interactive 3D mascot. Unfortunately, the app is paid, but it's worth it – today, even without AR mode, Carrot Weather is one of the best weather apps for iOS.

Download Carrot Weather for $ 3.99

Sky Guide AR

As with Carrot Weather, Sky Guide was one of the best programs in its category even before the update. Now, thanks to the capabilities of ARKit, it has become as attractive as possible even for those who were not previously interested in astronomy. Just hover your smartphone screen and get real-time information about the sky above your head. You will find out where the constellation is – and as an added bonus, a stylized illustration will appear on top of the clusters of stars. This will clearly show the similarity of the constellations with their name. Recommended for kids and romantics! As a nice bonus – Russian language support.

Download Sky Guide AR for $ 2.99


A professional space planner right in your pocket! In augmented reality mode, you can imagine your future environment in great detail. The finished plan can always be changed by changing existing parts or adding new items.

Download magicplan free

Thomas & friends minis

If you love games in which you need to build something, then your iPhone or iPad simply need Thomas & Friends Minis. In fact, this is a reimagined version of a toy railroad: you have to build a chain of various fragments with rails. As soon as the railway “track” is ready, you can watch in augmented reality how Thomas the train will ride on it.

Download Thomas & Friends Minis free


Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

Essentially another scheduler. In real time, you can “try on” different furniture and fittings in your home to see if it will fit into the existing interior. It's also a good way to check if there is enough room in the room for a new sofa or chair. In addition, the application has the ability to work with items to decorate the yard or garden.

Download Housecraft free

Complete Anatomy 2018

The application allows you to transfer to the real world and view from all sides elaborated 3D models of human body organs, bones and other anatomical details. Models can be rotated and scaled, and the application contains a lot of useful information about the structure of the human body and its various systems.

Download Complete Anatomy 2018 free

Fitness AR

Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

This is a truly awesome app for anyone who uses Strava while jogging or, say, cycling. Based on the collected data, Fitness AR creates a detailed realistic map of your movement, taking into account all the geographical features of the area – including the relief.

Download Fitness AR free

PCalc Lite

Top iOS ARKit-enabled apps

PCalc Lite is recognized as one of the best calculators for iOS. After updating to the current version, you will get access to a rather fun function: the ability to use a 3D model of the calculator for calculations. Of course, this option is more entertaining than useful, but everything looks interesting.

Download PCalc Lite for free

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