Top 20 Apps Updated for iOS 12

Every year Apple adds new and interesting features to iOS, and iOS 12 is no exception. New features iOS 12 for third-party applications will definitely delight many users. Now you can finally use third-party password managers for auto-complete and commands Siri for third-party applications.

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Shortcuts are the most interesting feature iOS 12. Now the personal assistant Siri is integrated with third-party applications and can perform complex task chains for them. You can read about the best commands Siri and the new AutoComplete feature.

1. Halide

Halide - iOS - 12-Update

The best camera app for iPhone just got better! Moreover, portrait shots are even better in it than in the standard Camera. The app has been updated for iOS 12 and is 1.8x faster than before.

It is now fast and stable enough to be used instead of the Camera all the time. In the application, you can take pictures in RAW + JPEG formats and edit them immediately.

Integration with Teams Siri at a high level. You can use the phrase 'take a photo' (or similar) to open the Halide camera and immediately take a photo automatically. This makes it very convenient to take pictures at a distance by positioning iPhone on a tripod.

Download: Halide


iOS - 12-1Password-Autofill

In iOS 12, you can use third party password managers to populate logins with passwords. Many apps like LastPass and Dashlane have already been updated for the new feature. However, the best password manager for iPhone remains 1Password. It has many features, is easy to use, and you decide where and how your passwords are stored. Go to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts -> AutoComplete and turn on 1Password.

Once you've done that, you'll be able to use 1Password's AutoComplete on pages that log into a site.

Download: 1Password

3. Overcast

Siri - Shortcuts-Overcast

Overcast is the best podcast app for iPhone. And the Overcast 5 version with a new design also contains new features, the main of which is the integration with Teams Siri. You can finally control podcasts with voice commands. The integration is not as perfect as with the Podcasts app, but all basic functionality can be used.

Go to the Overcast app settings and select Commands Siri. Here you can set the Overcast command to return to the last listened episode, to play a specific playlist, etc.

Download: Overcast

4. CARROT Weather

Siri - Shortcuts-Carrot-Weather

CARROT Weather is an unusual weather app. In addition, it contains the most detailed weather information. And now you can find out this information without even opening the application.

CARROT Weather already contains 17 useful commands Siri. You can quickly view the weather report, find out the rain forecast, get specific data like air temperature, wind speed, etc.

Download: CARROT Weather

5. TripIt

TripIt is the best travel planning app. You can book everything: from a voucher to a hotel room. Also in the application you can store all organizational moments.

Integration with Siri makes travel even easier. You can customize the command 'show flight details' and Siri will immediately open all the information you need.

Download: TripIt

6. Tile

If you have a Tile keychain, you can now bind a command to it Siri. Just say 'find the keys' and the Tile keychain will work.

Download: Tile

7. Pcalc Lite

PCalc - iOS - 12 - Siri - Shortcuts

Pcalc Lite is a handy calculator with many features, including new ones. You can use the commands Siri to calculate the data you copied. For example, you can copy a number and ask Siri to convert it to another currency.

Download: Pcalc Lite

8. Focus

Focus - iOS - 12 - Siri - Shortcuts

Focus is a Pomodoro timer app. Now you can use Siri to start, pause, end or skip a session.

Download: Focus

9. HomeCam

HomeCam is a HomeKit app for viewing surveillance cameras. If the Home app is inconvenient for you to view cameras, download HomeCams. Now it's even easier to keep track of what is happening at home. Having configured the command Siri, you can instantly open a specific camera with one phrase.

Download: HomeCam

10. LookUp

LookUp - iOS - 12 - Siri - Shortcuts

LookUp, a vocabulary for iPhone, has been significantly updated for iOS 12. The app has a lot of features for creating collections of favorite words. LookUp is integrated with Siri so you can use commands to view the word of the day, favorite words, etc.

Download: LookUp

11. Drafts

Drafts is a simple tool for manipulating text. You can create a command that will automatically paste the copied text into a note.

Download: Drafts

12. Pandora

Pandora is the first service with new Teams media features Siri. You can go to the application settings and create a command to play a specific station, album or artist. Of course, the integration is not as good as with Apple Music, but it is quite enough if you have favorite stations in Pandora.

Download: Pandora

13. Things 3

Things 3 contains a new feature whereby you can ask Siri to create a task in the app from the copied text. You can add tasks to your to-do list without even opening the apps. You can also add additional details like term, description, etc.

Download: Things 3

14. Citymapper

If you use public transport, the Citymapper app is a must. You can now check train schedules, arrival times, etc. by contacting Siri.

Download: Citymapper

15. Trello

You can now use Siri to open your favorite lists or add tasks to Trello lists.

Download: Trello

16. Bear

Bear is the best alternative to the Notes app and is now integrated with Siri too.

Download: Bear

17. Streaks

Streaks - iOS - 12 - Siri - Shortcuts

You can now mark completed tasks in Streaks using Siri.

Download: Streaks

18, 19 and 20: Keynote, Numbers, Pages

Apple updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps to support Commands Siri. Now you can set up a command to create a new document or even start a presentation with a voice command.

Download: Keynote, Numbers, Pages

Workflow turned into Teams

iOS - 12-Create - Siri - Shortcuts-App-10

Apple bought the Workflow app last year and turned it into a Teams app. If you've used Workflow before, then get the update. If not, go to App Store and download the Teams app.

There you can set up chains of tasks that you can perform with one command Siri. Read more about Commands here.

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