Top 100 games for iPhone. Part 3

A few hours remain until the New Year, and in the meantime we are completing a trilogy about a hundred of the best games for iOS, released in 2017. In this article, we will talk about the genres “RPG”, “Simulation”, “Sports”, ” Strategies ”and“ Quizzes ”.

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Role-playing games

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS (free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Yes, the action here is not in a courtroom, but at the scene of the crime, and in the center of the action are the supporting characters, but this is definitely a great addition to the Ace Attorney series. Together with the heroes, you have to solve many cases. Although the developer is positioning INVESTIGATIONS as a completely separate release, it will be most interesting for those who played the original Ace Attorney trilogy.

Download Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS at App Store

Animus – Stand Alone (599)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Hack 'n slash games are usually free-to-play with a lot of social interaction, with opening chests as a key mechanic to give your character the best gear. Animus is a fairer deal: it's a completely paid game that can be played offline and isn't overwhelmed by all kinds of social interactions. The key here is the skills of the players, and many compare it to Dark Souls (yes, people are not tired of it). Instead of praying to the RPG gods for good chest loot, in Animus – Stand Alone you can focus on improving your fighting skills and exploring the weaknesses of your opponents. Quite a pleasant difference from most games of the genre in App Store, I must say.

Download Animus – Stand Alone in App Store

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (1150)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Dual stick shooters are great for touchscreens, and it's amazing that The Binding of Isaac took so long to finally make it to the mobile platform. At the beginning of this year, the release did take place, and this game is as good as the mobile port of this masterpiece could be. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth offers tremendous variability and replayability. Given that this is a roguelike, the combinations of possible levels, enemies, bosses and loot are endless – which means you will never be ready for what awaits you in the next room.

Download The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth at App Store

Cat Quest (379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3If you take all the funniest ARPG action game, squeeze it into 10 hours of play time and build it from scratch to make it work well with the touchscreen, add in every cat joke you can think of, you have Cat Quest. A very special charm emanates from this game, and the difficulty is balanced in such a way that newcomers of the genre can cope with the game, and RPG fans will not be bored.

Download Cat Quest at App Store

DANDY DUNGEON Brave Yamada (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3In recent years, as the popularity of indie has skyrocketed, developers have filled us with roguelikes of all types and trends. But we can say with confidence that none of them reaches the level of absurdity and fun before DANDY DUNGEON Brave Yamada. The funny thing here is that the game is commenting on itself in the process. You play as a middle-aged developer who is constantly putting his official duties on the back burner, doing his own projects – of course, just the same roguelike with the exploration of dungeons. And this destruction of the fourth wall is just the tip of the iceberg of local humor.

DownloadDANDY DUNGEON Brave Yamada in App Store

Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition (RUR 379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Many well-known indie projects have finally made it to iOS this year. Among them – Darkest Dungeon, known for its solid roguelike gameplay, nice graphical style and many aspects of management. It is filled with stylish gothic visuals and overall iPad – the version came out great. While it's sad that the aspect ratio makes some of the text look too small, given the screen size iPad, everything is readable. Also on iOS DLC is due out soon. Few games can boast the level of atmosphere and tension that Darkest Dungeon has.

Download Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition in App Store

Death Road to Canada (RUR 849)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3One of the many advantages of games with random elements is the unique stories that are made up of a random set of elements that are generated with each playthrough. This is probably the best thing about Death Road to Canada, the new release from Rocketcat and Madgarden. A zombie apocalypse has occurred, and you need to get to a safe haven – Canada. On the way you will meet many strange characters, and the result of their actions every time is completely unexpected.

DownloadDeath Road to Canada

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked (RUB 75)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The first Don't Starve came out on iOS back in 2015, and it turned out that this game was created for a mobile platform. Shipwrecked was released as a standalone app, but brought with it the same awesome roguelike with unexpected twists and bonuses. Among the innovations, it is worth noting an improved interface adapted for smartphones and tablets, a new type of virtual joystick and the ability to travel between several islands. It also added an element of strategy as sooner or later each island runs out of resources and forces you to move on to start over. Now is a great time to play Shipwrecked: and we are talking not only about free winter evenings, but also about a discount from the developer: the game temporarily costs only 75 rubles.

Download Don't Starve: Shipwrecked at App Store

Life is Strange (RUR 229)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Life is Strange originally came out for PC and consoles, but the gameplay was too well suited for touchscreens to not be released on iOS. Unlike many similar games, the choices made by the player do have an impact on the subsequent development of the plot. The first episode came out simultaneously with the release of INSIDEandFEZ, which we have already covered. There are now 3 episodes available to play, while the fourth and fifth will be released in 2018, completing the series. Controller support is lacking for many players, but Life is Strange's touch controls feel great, and the story itself is interesting enough to deserve the attention of anyone interested in the subject of time travel and the aesthetics of indie films.

DownloadLife is Strange in App Store

Lineage 2: Revolution (free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Lineage 2: Revolution is a brand-new online RPG for mobile devices: with great visuals, a huge open world and large-scale PvP battles between players. Finally, players will be able to experience what it is like to enjoy a great full-featured MMORPG in a classic style on their own smartphone, playing with millions of other people from all over the world!

Download Lineage 2: Revolution in App Store

Lowlander II: Lowerlander (RUR 229)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Do you like Ultima games? Especially the first parts of the line? If the answer is yes, then this game is definitely for you. Reviews of the first Lowlander mentioned that this is a better Ultima 2 than Ultima 2 itself – and this judgment remains true. At the same time, Lowlander II: Lowerlander is even better than the first installment. Don't be fooled by the screenshots: For RPG fans, this is one of the best releases of the year.

Download Lowlander II: Lowerlander in App Store

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The Ace Attorney series becomes more and more ramified every year – which is only the number of games for iOS worth! Keeping track of new releases is getting harder. Here Phoenix finds himself in a strange kingdom, where the fate of all the defendants is decided by mysterious seances. Lawyer Apollo Justice, who remains in charge of the Wright Anything agency, will also face a difficult test. At the same time, the game reveals several storylines that were touched upon back in Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. This is a great part with excellent localization.

Download Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice App Store

Planescape: Torment (RUR 749)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Overhaul Games has previously moved its projects Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale to iOS, but the “father of modern CRPGs”, Planescape: Torment, came to App Store just this year. Just a word of warning: there are tons of text here. The story that Planescape: Torment tells is amazing, and if you're in the mood for a classic that has influenced most modern Western RPGs, then this is definitely a must-have. But, again, prepare yourself to read a lot in English.

DownloadPlanescape: Torment in App Store

Technobabylon (RUB 379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3In recent years, there has been a huge amount of cyberpunk released on all possible platforms, but a rare release has managed to competently convey the atmosphere and mood. Wadjet Eye Games did a great job on Technobabylon to make the game feel “right”. The plot of this point-and-click adventure takes place in a world where no human intervention is required thanks to Trance. The plot is based on threats, murder, investigation and much more – all wrapped up in excellent pixel art.

Download Technobabylon in App Store

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG (RUR 299)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The action-adventure RPG that has won over 50,000 players on Steam is now available for mobile. Here you have to become a dashing pirate and surf the sea in a ship armed to the teeth, trade and recruit the best thugs to your team. For this, the game offers a solid arsenal: there are both cannons, mortars and flamethrowers, and all kinds of ship gear.

Download Tempest: Pirate Action RPG in App Store

To the Moon (RUR 149)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3This game was released on PC 6 years ago, but only this year it reached mobile platforms. You can even say that To the Moon is closer to the film, the events of which are presented in the form of a game: the story is linear and the player must do the right actions, without being able to somehow move away from the script. Although the entire game can be completed in a few hours and has no battles, its detailed, interesting narration, moving music and thought-provoking storyline received a response and a positive assessment from players around the world.

Download To the Moon in App Store


Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3

A Planet of Mine (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The 4X genre is incredibly complex and it's amazing how the developers of A Planet of Mine managed to make the game so intuitive and easy to use. Instead of a world map, you control individual 2D planets, with the typical 4X hex grid being replaced by “slices” of your individual planets. Even if you are not particularly interested in 4X, this game is worth downloading just to see how elegantly simplified it is, while remaining coherent and interesting.

Download A Planet of Mine in App Store

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The goal of the game is to equip and decorate a camp for all kinds of animals. With the help of a huge amount of furniture and other elements, you can decorate the camp in any style. As in other games in the series, you can play with your friends, help them and receive in-game currency for this – Bells. You can use it to buy camp improvements, new clothes for your character, or create furniture. If you don't have 3DS, this is a great choice – especially since the game is free (although there are of course in-app purchases).

Download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in App Store

Game Dev Tycoon (RUR 379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The creators of this game seem to have looked at Game Dev Story for a long time, saw all its flaws … and decided to make Game Dev Tycoon – with the same formula, but better. What's most attractive is that in Game Dev Tycoon, the theme of managing a game development studio is much more elaborated and expanded. So even if you've spent dozens of hours playing Game Dev Story, you'll still be interested.

Download Game Dev Tycoon in App Store

Getting Over It (RUR 379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3There are a lot of wacky physics-based games that should be silly and without some complicated plot that you can laugh at from the heart, and then there is Getting Over It. This is an amazingly deep game with an extremely delicate physical system in which you have to control a man sitting in a cauldron to make him climb a mountain filled with garbage using … a sledgehammer. Like a lever. It's also a harsh lesson: you can lose minutes or even hours of progress in the blink of an eye because of just one wrong move. Interestingly, the game constantly reminds you of your failures and advises you to deal with and learn from them, which is a surprisingly positive message for a game that seems to revel in its incredible difficulty.

DownloadGetting Over It in App Store


Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3We have played a lot of clickers, but SPACEPLAN is in a separate universe from all of them. It's like a typical clicker with a Martian-style plot added. The cool thing about SPACEPLAN is that this game is final and the ending is amazing. Usually clickers are played until the mechanics of the same type get bored, and the presence of an end in such a game really refreshes the genre.

DownloadSPACEPLAN at App Store

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3This is not only a great clicker, but also an amazing way to introduce fan service. In fact, it's even a bizarre mixture of both of these things, and even if you've never watched the show, you'll still have fun. If you love Trailer Park Boys, you will be delighted with what the developers have come up with.

DownloadTrailer Park Boys Greasy Money in App Store

Universal Paperclips ™ (149 rubles)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Become a powerful AI that needs only one thing: paper clips. Universal Paperclips ™ is a clicker, and like all clickers (remember the legendary Cookie Clicker), it’s a hell of a lot addictive. Initially, Paperclips was released as a browser game, which immediately became very popular. After that, the game was finalized and ported to the mobile platform as a premium version – so you can now build your paper clip empire anywhere, without being tied to a computer

DownloadUniversal Paperclips ™ at App Store


Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3

Big Shot Boxing (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3Developer Colin Lane is known for producing a number of fun little games that use deliberately awkward physics that produce unexpected results. Big Shot Boxing is made in the spirit of these games, but feels more like a complete project rather than a fun mini-game. A career mode with stats that you can update and many other subsystems add meaning to the sports game. These subsystems make Big Shot Boxing one of the best in the genre.

DownloadBig Shot Boxing in App Store

Prizefighters (free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 32017 was an unexpectedly popular year for boxing games, and Prizefighters have won our hearts over with their incredibly inventive management scheme and amazingly thoughtful career paths. The developers found inspiration in the classic Punch Out! (especially when it comes to visual effects), but this definitely cannot be called a copy: in fact, it is much closer to a simulation than to an arcade. Climbing higher and hone your boxing skills is incredibly fun, so if you love sports, Prizefighters should be yours.

Download Prizefighters in App Store


Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3

The Escapists (RUR 299)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3The idea is simple: you are a criminal and must escape from prison. But the amount of detail that makes the game outstanding. Each prison is a complex and intricate complex of several buildings, where many different escape routes are hidden. There is also a social element in The Escapists. No, you don't need to invite friends from Facebook, but in the game itself you will have to choose who can become your ally and how to make him help you escape. At the same time, you cannot attract the attention of the guards – which means that in addition to preparing the escape, you will also have to strictly adhere to the prison schedule so as not to incur suspicion.

DownloadThe Escapists in App Store

Fire Emblem Heroes (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3With an incredible number of Fire Emblem characters available over the 25 years of the line's existence, Fire Emblem has always seemed like an excellent candidate from the Nintendo series for mobile. The main question was how the gameplay of these strategies will be transferred to the touch format, and the result has been impressive. Users who just want to enjoy the world of Fire Emblem Heroes on iPhone will find the game friendly to new players and engaging, while hardcore fans of the lineup will surely enjoy the challenging missions.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes in App Store

Iron Marines (Rs. 229)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3When the company that has released three successful tower defense games in the Kingdom Rush series announces a real-time strategy game, there's always a catch. And so it happened: Iron Marines combined elements and strategies, and tower defense, but at the same time, surprisingly, this mixture turned out to be more interesting than genres separately. This game is distinguished by high quality graphics – a characteristic feature of the projects of Ironhide – interesting and exciting campaigns and a variety of playable characters for all tastes.

Download Iron Marines in App Store

Kingdom: New Lands (RUR 749)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3What at first glance looks like a regular pixel side-scroller is actually one of the most powerful strategy games in App Store. In Kingdom: New Lands, you have to build a kingdom from scratch, managing money and resources in such a way as to get all the necessary materials and labor. There is also an element of the game of survival: quite often, if you did something wrong, your character dies and the game stops. Considering that in the process of passing you get new skills and knowledge, starting with them from the beginning only becomes more interesting, and not annoying.

DownloadKingdom: New Lands in App Store

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI (free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3If anything surprised us this holiday season, it was the unexpected release of the full-fledged port of Side Meier's Civilization® VI for iPad. With the exception of the lack of support for online multiplayer, this version is no different from the desktop one. Better yet, the first games can be tested before buying: the first 60 moves are free, after which you will have the opportunity to decide whether to buy the full version, or this strategy is not to your taste.

DownloadSid Meier's Civilization® VI App Store

Warhammer Quest 2 (RUR 379)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3It's no wonder why Warhammer Quest games stand out from the rest of the Warhammer universe. Xcom-style loot-loot battles in fantasy-themed caves proved to be a powerful and spectacular combination. In addition, the game really fascinates with the development of characters: you will have to constantly increase the level and improve their equipment (otherwise they will simply die a terrible death). Despite a couple of problems during the release, in the quickly followed updates, all found errors were fixed, so that in the end the second part became a worthy successor to the series. By the way, 2018 promises to be no less interesting for Warhammer Quest 2: a large-scale update should be released in February.

Download Warhammer Quest 2 in App Store


Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3

HQ – Live Trivia Game Show (Free)

Top 100 games for iPhone.  Part 3This game is different from the others in this article. It looks more like a live TV show (or an episode of Black Mirror, for that matter). Several times during the day everyone who downloads the application will receive a notification about the start of a new game. You accept the invitation and compete in the quiz with hundreds and thousands of other players, answering questions in real time. The winners receive real cash that can be withdrawn via PayPal, so it's no wonder why the Live Trivia Game Show is so popular.

Download HQ – Live Trivia Game Show in App Store

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