Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017. Part 2

We continue to talk about iOS – games of the outgoing year. In this part, we present you the best projects from the categories “Card”, “Family”, “Fighting”, “Puzzle” and “Race”.

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Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2

Card Theif (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2A couple of years ago, developer Tinytouchtales surprised everyone with the release of an amazing Card Crawl. In a new project called Card Thief, the same team completely rethought the idea of ​​solitaire and showed the game from a completely new angle. In particular, an element of stealth has been added: the game actually forces you to take maximum risk in the hope of getting a good score and corresponding bonuses. Although Card Thief hasn't become as popular as Card Crawl in its time, it will definitely keep the player on hold for a long time.

Download Card Thief in App Store

The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2So far, we have not waited for the release of the “killer” Hearthstone, but The Elder Scrolls: Legends is close to this title as close as possible. At least this is definitely the best free-to-play card game of the year. It's mechanically very similar to Magic the Gathering, and its clever color system is adapted to the characteristics of the characters from the Elder Scrolls. In addition, Bethesda is releasing new content at machine-gun speed so that consistent, high-quality updates are guaranteed to the player.

DownloadThe Elder Scrolls: Legends App Store

Flipflop Solitaire (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Solitaire has long become such a classic and famous game that it seems unrealistic to somehow change the mechanics to create a variation better than the original. However, Flipflop Solitaire breaks this stereotype. Yes, it's still a solitaire, but a few small changes have made it into a game that feels like brand new, but at the same time retains all the qualities that made solitaire a classic that has been tested for generations.

DownloadFlipflop Solitaire in App Store

Reigns: Her Majesty (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The original Reigns was simply amazing, and in the sequel, the developers managed to keep the bar set by the first part. This time you have to play as the queen, maintaining a balance between the strongest factions of the kingdom, using all kinds of magic items, establishing your policy and managing relations in your dynasty. Like the first part, Reigns: Her Majesty is filled with secrets, and it will take a lot of time to understand them.

DownloadReigns: Her Majesty in App Store

South Park: Phone Destroyer (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Over the past couple of years, App Store has released a huge number of free games in which the player must assemble a team of several characters and fight against teams of other players from all over the world. South Park: Phone Destroyer follows the same formula, but the best is her – the level of fan service. At first glance, it is clear that this is “South Park” – from specific language to jokes that are references to the events of the animated series. At the same time, the balance in it is surprisingly fair for a free-to-play game: the need for donation does not reduce teeth and it is fun to play even without it. Phone Destroyer is definitely worth playing for every South Park fan.

DownloadSouth Park: Phone Destroyer App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2

Flower (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The multi-award winning Flower came out this year in App Store. Developed by thatgamecompany, this game lets you control the wind and explore a stunning, vibrant world with equally stunning soundtrack. Travel to different locations at the pace that you like best, interact and change the world around you to achieve balance and harmony.

Download Flower in App Store

Hidden Folks (Rs. 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Point-and-click games look much more appropriate on a smartphone than on a PC – touch-sensitive displays are ideal for this mechanic. Hidden Folks is available on PC and iOS and I must say that it is perceived best on iPad – but on iPhone, especially Plus-modifications, the game also looks and feels good. This monochrome, hand-drawn game is somewhat reminiscent of the modern version of Where's Waldo? and will make you return to the application over and over again. By the way, recently there was a major update dedicated to the winter holidays. All in all, both the graphics and the soundtrack more than justify the price – not to mention the sheer number of fun levels.

DownloadHidden Folks in App Store

Fighting games

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2

Injustice 2 (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2At Comic Con 2017 in San Diego, there were many superhero announcements, and one of them was especially interesting for mobile users: the fighting game Injustice 2 was promised to be added to the app stores Google Play and App Store. The game is out now and has received a lot of mixed reviews – as is always the case with free-to-play games. However, it cannot be denied that the game itself is well done. In the center of the new part are two new characters: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle. Not without the usual Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Supergirl and other representatives of the DC universe.

DownloadInjustice 2 in App Store

LINE Skullgirls (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2If you are a small development team, it is extremely difficult to break into the top of this category, given that users usually give priority to projects from large studios with a corresponding budget. Nevertheless, Skullgirls was able to find its player on both PC and console, and this year also made it to the top App Store. When transferring the fighting game to the mobile format, a swipe control system was used, as in Injustice 2 or Contest of Champions. The result is one of the best mobile fighting games with such mechanics. Quality smooth animations and hand-drawn graphics make this a must-download if you're interested in the genre.

Download LINE Skullgirls at App Store

Street Fighter IV CE (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Capcom was expecting a huge success when a few years ago, at the dawn of development App Store, the company transferred Street Fighter IV to the mobile platform – then a completely new game and the long-awaited continuation of one of the first series of the fighting game genre. Unfortunately, despite the initial success, over time these games have become shamelessly outdated. Capcom released the Street Fighter IV Champion Edition this year – based on the original fourth installment, this version offers everything a player has come to expect from a quality modern fighting game. The graphics look deliberately old-school, but the controls work very accurately, there is support for online mode and even direct streaming to YouTube (!). All in all, this is one of the best remakes of classic fighting games for mobile devices.

DownloadStreet Fighter IV CEв App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2

Bridge Constructor Portal (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2While the Bridge Constructor Portal is essentially just a variation on the Bridge Constructor theme, the addition of portals, companion robots, and many other themed details and mechanics make the Portal version more interesting than the original. GlaDOS jokes between levels add a bit of snide humor to the game, and building gameplay always works great on touch screens. By the way, if you liked the Bridge Constructor Portal, pay attention to the standard Bridge Constructor. It costs 149 rubles. and no less good – except that without GLaDOS it is somehow sad.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal at App Store

Campfire Cooking (RUR 299)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The hallmark of a good puzzle is to present the player with a difficult problem so that he does not feel disappointed or too dumb to solve it. Campfire Cooking is a great example of such a correct puzzle. The difficulty level in it grows at almost perfect speed: new methods of cooking over a fire become available at the moment when you have just mastered the previous ones perfectly.

Download Campfire Cooking in App Store

Cosmic Express (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The Cosmic Express developers took a very simple idea and twisted it to create a truly unique game. At the beginning of each level, you are entrusted with the management of a small space city. Your task is to lay rails in it in such a way that the train passing through them passes through all the necessary stations. This is harder than it sounds. Moreover, the game is quite recognizable due to its visual style and soundtrack. This is a great choice for those who love complex, elaborate puzzles with a soul.

Download Cosmic Express at App Store

FEZ Pocket Edition (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2FEZ Pocket Edition's path in App Store has been a thorny one. The project was first announced, then noted, then announced again – and finally released. The port is excellent and works well both with touch control and through a controller. Cute graphic style and one of the best soundtracks in mobile games are combined with great puzzles to give you an experience like no other. Additionally, it is worth noting the interaction of graphics with sound at some levels. The FEZ Pocket Edition is definitely worth playing for anyone with a controller for iOS. If you don't have one, but love puzzles, FEZ is also a win-win recommendation.

Download FEZ Pocket Edition at App Store

FRAMED 2 (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The original Framed was built around the mechanics of moving panels in an animated comic book in such a way as to create new scenarios and find solutions to various puzzles. While it was one of the most unique game concepts in App Store, it didn't get the popularity it definitely deserved. Framed 2 not only retained the advantages of the first part, but also significantly improved both the gameplay and the narrative. Framed was good, but Framed 2 looks phenomenal against its background. If you've played the first part, then passing the second will leave an amazing impression.

DownloadFRAMED 2 in App Store

GNOG (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Some games just exude fun, and GNOG is one of those. In it you will need to constantly look for the hidden secrets of all kinds of things. She resembles the derisive little sister of The Room series – as full of style and charisma. The graphics and animations are so stunning that it's like touching your finger on a miniature living world every time you start a new level. Music and sound effects create the perfect accompaniment to this fun little game.

Download GNOG at App Store

Gorogoa (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Gorogoa is unlike any game I've played before. If you try to explain what it is, you can say that it is a bizarre mixture of point-and-click adventure with old puzzles like tag. It doesn't say anything at all about how magical the gameplay feels, though. Without giving any instructions at all, Gorogoa tells a compelling story as you combine pictures, cut them into pieces and put them back together to create something completely new. The entire game was conceived, illustrated and developed by just one person, which is amazing in itself. Even a few days after passing, Gorogoa does not get out of my head.

Download Gorogoa in App Store

Layton's Mystery Journey (RUB 599)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2No, this is definitely not the most impressive game in the Layton series – by any measure. But this is the first time that the developers have finally decided to bring a game of the series to mobile devices, the mechanics of which seem to have been ideal from the very beginning for playing on a smartphone. The Level 5 team has tried their best both on the visual and on the musical components to make the game as attractive as possible for the eyes and ears. There is enough content in the game to spend a couple of dozen hours in Layton's Mystery Journey. Finally, the main reason to install: there is a talking dog in the game.

DownloadLayton's Mystery Journey App Store

Linelight (RUB 149)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2When the developers of Linelight suddenly announced a mobile version in July, few people heard anything about the game. And, it would seem, what could be so interesting in a bunch of shining lines? But after a couple of minutes of playing, it becomes clear that Lineelight is ideal for touchscreens. You will have to guide the glowing character through puzzles made of lines that resemble electrical circuits. New mechanics are constantly added as you progress – and they're just as awesome as the level design. Don't be confused by the minimalistic look: this is one of the highest quality and smartest puzzles available for iOS.

Download Linelight in App Store

Million Onion Hotel (£ 3.99)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The surface of the Earth was split in two after a terrible war. There is a very special hotel right on the border with an equally special onion soup. Many events are about to happen in a mysterious hotel, but to find out what will happen, you need to get used to this unusual and in its own way enchanting puzzle. Collect lines from a magic bow and other strange objects, summon space cows, collect onion warriors and fight a huge robotic chicken – all in the name of love and peace. In addition to the strange story and presentation, many secrets and addictive gameplay make this game a great way to spend a couple of winter evenings.

Download Million Onion Hotel

Monument Valley 2 (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The second part of Monument Valley is, perhaps, too much similar to the first – but it is difficult to call it a minus. But there is no doubt that the graphics have improved. The developers of Ustwo have outdone themselves again, making Monument Valley 2 as pleasing to the eye as possible. Short, cute and downright stunning – that's how you can describe this game. If you enjoyed the original game, chances are high that you will love its sequel. Of course, I would like a little more playing time, but the magic of each level is mesmerizing in a good way.

Download Monument Valley 2 in App Store

Mushroom 11 (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2In Mushroom 11, you will control an alien mushroom. He constantly regenerates and in order for him to move, you will constantly need to remove part of his cells, while he will immediately grow new ones. As a result, the shape of your mushroom will constantly change. The developers did their best and used this mechanic not only for creating heads, but also for battles with bosses. The game is also available on Steam, in case you're willing to pay a little more to play on your computer.

Download Mushroom 11 in App Store

Old Man's Journey (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2This game tells the story of life, loss and hope. Interact with your surroundings to guide the old man forward. Old Man's Journey looks especially good on iPad as you can get a good look at all the details of the game world on the big screen, but be prepared for the fact that this emotional game can move anyone – but also give hope.

Download Old Man's Journey in App Store

Red's Kingdom (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2We have long been accustomed to the fact that puzzles offer many levels that can be selected in the corresponding menu and the passage, in fact, comes down to a linear one. However, Red's Kingdom took the puzzle mechanic and put it into an open world game. So you are more likely to feel deja vu from older Zelda games than traditional Zelda games. The universe in which the events of Red's Kingdom take place, thoughtful characters and colorful graphics, are perceived as far above the level of average puzzles.

Download Red's Kingdom at App Store

Slayaway Camp (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Like Red's Kingdom, Slayaway Camp feels more like an adventure game than a typical puzzle game. The game is based on horror films of the 80s, and the developers managed to quite accurately transfer the atmosphere of second-rate horror of this era to Slayaway Camp. From the interface and the main menu to the sheer gore and other trappings of the genre, the creators have done an excellent job of styling. The puzzles here, by the way, are also on the level.

Download Slayaway Camp at App Store

Splitter Critters (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2When the developers showed the first trailer for Splitter Critters, it became obvious that this game would either get a ton of rewards or become completely passable. In the end, the first came true: the game really won many awards thanks to its gameplay. You draw a line dividing the screen in two, and then try to align the resulting pieces in a different way. By correctly composing the fragments, you will open the way for the alien to return to his ship. We recommend not to miss this game.

Download Splitter Critters at App Store

Swim Out (RUB 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2The first thing you notice when you start Swim Out is the graphics. The muted colors of the surroundings are highlighted with bright spots of paint, creating a special atmosphere. Soon, however, illustrations fade into the background, since all attention is absorbed by complex and varied logical problems. The visuals and gameplay combined in Swim Out into one of the most enjoyable yet challenging puzzles of the year.

Download Swim Out in App Store

Ticket to Earth (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2If I were told that there is a game that combines the mechanics of “three-in-a-row” with turn-based strategy, all this – in the style of sci-fi with a large number of characters and a storyline, it would sound like crazy crazy. However, such a game does exist, it's called Ticket to Earth – and it's amazing. It's incredible how much color matching mechanics can work in turn-based strategy, and this mixture of the two genres still blows my mind. The only problem here is that the game is divided into episodes, and while we would like to get the entire game here and now, we have to wait for the sequel to come out. The wait, however, is definitely worth it.

Download Ticket to Earth at App Store

The Witness (RUR 749)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2This game beats The Braid, a previous project by the same developer, in almost every aspect. You will find yourself on an isolated island with a ton of mysteries – most of them are somehow related to each other. Puzzle and exploration combined to create an amazing gaming experience. There are also many secrets in The Witness that are almost impossible to discover without help. You can play both on the touch screen and using the controller for iOS. Get ready for dozens of hours of awesome puzzles!

Download The Witness in App Store

YANKAI'S PEAK (149 rubles)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2Developer Kenny Sun already has his hand on intricate puzzles using geometric shapes. Quite a specific talent, of course, but he is quite proud of himself. YANKAI’S PEAK was no exception to the general concept – but it didn’t make it any worse. In the game, you will need to push the pyramids with the starting position in such a way that they end up at the marked points. This is quite difficult, given the non-standard shape of the figures: usually cubes are used in games of this type. This is definitely a great brain workout.

DownloadYANKAI'S PEAKв App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2

Crash Club (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2In recent years in App Store simple games with a massive multiplayer mode a have been especially popular. The problem is that while playing with a lot of opponents is fun and challenging, in most of these games it is extremely difficult to stand out. The developers of Prettygreat decided to change that with the release of a thoughtful and polished Crash Club, where players can join the race with dozens of users from all over the world and crash into each other in stunning cars. Bonus points to the project is also added by the fact that the environment is also destroyed – is this not happiness?

DownloadCrash Club at App Store

DATA WING (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2It is easy to say from the screenshots that DATA WING does not deserve attention: it looks like another space retro shooter with minimalistic graphics. However, in reality this is not at all the case – the game is a race with a unique acceleration mechanic. At the same time, DATA WING has an interesting plot, which is surprising for a genre. Even more surprising is that this game is completely free. Seriously. There is no need to pay for downloads, or for disabling ads (there are no ads at all) or for additional bonuses in the form of in-app purchases. If you are looking for non-standard races, we advise you to try DATA WING.

DownloadDATA WING in App Store

GRID ™ Autosport (RUR 749)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2For several years now we have been talking about “console level” games for iOS. However, GRID ™ Autosport isn't just “console grade” – it did launch on top consoles and PCs a couple of years ago. Ported to keep the quality of the graphics, animations and sounds, so this is as awesome racing game as you can imagine. GRID ™ Autosport perfectly balances simulation and arcade racing, and additional options let you play the style that suits you best. impressed – be it hardcore or downright calm. Regardless, you are guaranteed to enjoy driving awesome cars and exploring dozens of tracks.

DownloadGRID ™ Autosport in App Store

Pigeon Wings ($ 1.99)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 2By the name it may seem that this is a simple casual game, but in fact, Pigeon Wings is a race at an incredibly fast pace, where you control a pigeon pilot (yes, we are talking about a pigeon on an airplane, you presented it correctly). It would seem that this type of game can be random and endless, but the developers have taken care of creating a clear structure of the levels, so that you will really feel your progress.

Download Pigeon Wings App Store

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