Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017. Part 1

2017 has been an incredible year for mobile gamers. Considering the sheer number of ports of AAA games and countless indie projects, not a week has passed without 5-10 great games released. Summing up the past year, we present you with a list of the 100 best games released in 2017. If you missed something, the holidays will be a great opportunity to fill the gaps.

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Note that we organized this list using the categories that the developers themselves specified when publishing the game to iTunes. Some of them suggest a different genre, but nothing can be done about it. It's about the best in the categories:

  • Action
  • Adventures
  • Arcade
  • Tabletop
  • Card
  • Family
  • Fighting games
  • Puzzle
  • Race
  • Role-playing games
  • Simulators
  • Sport
  • Strategies
  • Quiz

Most of all turned out, quite predictably, in the categories “Action”, “Adventure” and “Puzzle”. Considering that these are the most popular categories in App Store and the choice is huge, this is not surprising.

For your convenience, we have divided this material into three parts. In this we will touch on the categories “Action”, “Adventure”, “Arcade” and “Board”, links to the continuation will be provided at the end of the article as we update. Alternatively, you can jump to the desired article by clicking on the relevant category in the list above.


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1

AKA TO BLU E (599rub.)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Considering that the CAVE shooter series stopped working on iOS 11 due to the 64-bit limitation, the CAVE development team decided to fill in the gap created by this in App Store. AKA TO BLU E is a classic bullet hell shooter, a nice feature of which is a coherent plot – a rare guest in games of the genre. A unique scoring system, colorful 3D and elaborate characters, as if they came out of a comic book, will not leave you indifferent – especially if you like Japanese culture.

Download AKA TO BLU E in App Store

Arena of Valor (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The world's most popular mobile MOBA has finally started coming out all over the world. Why is she so popular? Its creator is Tencent, the developer of the hit PC League of Legends. AoV is a lot like LoL, offering 5v5 online battles and great graphics. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Russian App Store, but if you have an American Apple ID, you can download it for free from the link below.

Download Arena of Valor at App Store (US)

Beat Street (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Created as an homage to classic 80s and 90s side-scrolling games, Beat Street has been able to capture the element of fun that made these games so addictive decades ago. In particular, the combat system is intuitively simple, but the strategy element makes this game interesting and versatile. With a wide array of flamboyant anthropomorphic animals wishing to take over the world, Beat Street evokes light nostalgia and is a real pleasure to play. At the same time, it is adapted for playing both horizontally and vertically, holding the smartphone with one hand.

Download Beat Street in App Store

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Although this is a fairly niche project that not every user will enjoy, we decided to include CATS on the list due to the amazingly thought-out game mechanics. In fact, these are cartoon robot battles, where you have to build a small bot from a seemingly endless number of elements and improvements. Then you will have an online battle with another user, where only one of the bots will survive. Given that CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is free, we advise you to at least try and complete the tutorial mode.

DownloadCATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars in App Store

Flipping Legend (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Two-button control is perhaps optimal for smartphones: you can mentally split the screen into two parts and control half of it with just one button. Flipping Legend will test your ability to synchronize the movements of both hands, because this is the only way to win. In addition, simple control mechanics allow you to fully concentrate on the process: there is no need to remember how to make a combo.

Download Flipping Legend in App Store

Modern Combat Versus (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The developers (and this, by the way, Gameloft) promise that this game will be a breakthrough among mobile shooters. Of course, it's up to the players to decide whether it's true or not, but in general, Modern Combat Versus is really capable of delighting fans of online shooters who want to have console-level graphics in their smartphone.

The game has 12 playable characters, which are referred to here as Agents, each of them with unique abilities and weapons. There are only 5 cards so far, but there should be more in the future. 4v4 battles are supported, so Modern Combat Versus is great for playing together with friends if you can't play on PC or console. Russian language support is present.

Download Modern Combar Versus in App Store

Sonic Runners Adventure (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1One of the trends in 2017 is that games that would have almost certainly come out free-to-play before, but with a bunch of donations and ads, are now immediately released as premium applications without annoying banners and other annoying moments. One of these “unexpectedly premium” games is Sonic Runners Adventure – a breath of fresh air in a string of endless runners. The developers managed to convey the unique spirit of games about Sonic, to make the game quite difficult (to go through some moments, you need to manage to show incredible dexterity and accuracy), but at this interesting, and not annoying. An undoubted plus for fans of the series will be a huge number of playable characters that become available as you progress.

Download Sonic Runners Adventure in App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1

A Boy and His Blob (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Originally released in 2009, this game is a modern rework of the original game of the same name, which was released in 1989 on the NES. The new version offers a stunning new style with full hand-drawing and quality animation. In A Boy and His Blob, you have to feed your blob friend different types of gummy beans so that he transforms into the items you need to complete. The game itself is inventive and interesting, and together with new illustrations it becomes really cozy and touching.

Download A Boy and His Blob in App Store

A Normal Lost Phone (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1This is the first phone simulator game released immediately on both mobile devices and PC. In A Normal Lost Phone, the phone of a stranger falls into your hands, and the plot develops as you view the photos on it, read the messages – in a word, do everything the same as with your mobile phone. The simulator itself is made more than soundly, and the story raises topics that are not often touched on in games (let's not spoil it here). Although quite a few games have been released in a similar setting since the release of A Normal Lost Phone, we highly recommend it – it deserves both your time and the title of one of the best games of the outgoing year.

Download A Normal Lost Phone in App Store

Ashworld (RUR 299)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1We all love games with huge open worlds, but in the traditional form, they are not suitable for playing on mobile devices. Ashworld developers, however, managed to bring a game of this genre to iOS. The main advantage is that you don't have to spend a lot of time in it (which, frankly, is an exorbitant luxury for most of us). Ashworld borrows the concept of time killers: you can enter it for a few minutes, standing in a long line, or play for several hours in a row. Thanks to the fast and chaotic pace of the game, in either case, you will close the application with the feeling that you have made significant progress – this is an extremely important feeling that is often lacking in projects of a similar genre.

Download Ashworld at App Store

Batman: The Enemy Within (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Since the release of The Walking Dead: The Game, Telltale studio continues to gain momentum and releases more and more quality projects in its unique style. Batman: The Enemy Within is a very special game about this superhero, as the story is influenced not only by the actions taken by Batman, but also by the choices made by Bruce Wayne. It's quite unusual and at the same time joyful to control Wayne, given that most of the games in the beta franchise offer only Batman as an active character, while Bruce appears only in cutscenes or in the hero's backstory. Great characters, great script and a pinch of Telltale's signature style make Batman: The Enemy Within a must-have.

Download Batman: The Enemy Within App Store

Beholder (RUB 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1In recent years, games are increasingly raising rather dark and heavy topics – and Beholder is one of those. In this game you have to become the owner of a house, who has to spy on neighbors by order of the totalitarian government. Thinking up ways to find out the secrets of the tenants is fun and exciting, but it doesn't feel very pleasant. But you still need to protect yourself and your family, so you have to hide your feelings and do what is ordered.

Download Beholder in App Store

Bury me, my Love (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1This game tells the story of a Syrian couple who wants to leave a war-torn country. The woman tries to reach a safe Europe while her husband remains in Syria. He tries to help her on the journey and show the way, while the game itself acts as a simulator of their correspondence. At the heart of Bury me, my Love is a powerful storytelling that should be played by anyone who believes games cannot be art.

Download Bury me, my Love in App Store

forma. 8 GO (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1After years of development, forma.8 GO is finally out – and on several platforms at once, including iOS. And she was definitely worth the wait! Explore stunning locations inspired by the adventure classics Another World and solve all sorts of mysteries in this extremely stylish adventure game. The controls are intuitive and feel more comfortable than any other platform.

Downloadforma.8 GO in App Store

Full Throttle Remastered (RUB 75)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Full Throttle is the last game in the trilogy to be remastered by LucasArts on modern platforms. Originally released in 1995, the game is a classic graphic adventure that tells the story of Ben Throttle, the leader of a biker gang, immersed in a world of motorcycles, massacre and murder. The updated version includes new hand-drawn graphics and 3D in high definition along with newly created music and soundtracks. It is noteworthy that original music and graphics are available in this version – you can completely switch to old school, or, say, leave the authentic voice acting with a modern visual range.

Download Full Throttle Remastered in App Store

Hoggy 2 (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The original Hoggy was a very popular puzzle platformer in its early days App Store, and fans had to wait a long time for a sequel. This year, the developers finally released Hoggy 2 – and it surpassed the original in almost every possible aspect. You cannot jump in Hoggy: you can only move left and right and control gravity so that the character can walk on the floor or ceiling. All levels are tied to this mechanic, but Hoggy 2 also features a built-in level editor, so playing time is limited solely by your imagination.

Download Hoggy 2 in App Store

Playdead's INSIDE (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The sequel to the popular LIMBO game, INSIDE employs the same formula for a strange and confusing world in which at least something can only be understood through trial and error – and takes it all to the next level. In particular, INSIDE is made entirely in 3D, unlike the first part, known for its silhouette style. The unusual use of lighting effects creates an oppressive atmosphere of persecution. Some of the puzzles may seem insoluble, but that's part of the INSIDE charm – overall, the game leaves an even more powerful impression than the masterpiece LIMBO.

DownloadPlaydead's INSIDE in App Store

Morphite (RUR 599)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Ever since the announcement, Morphite has become one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2017. With the declared stylish low-poly graphics and the promise of endless worlds to explore, the developers have really been able to draw attention to the project. And, surprisingly, they kept their promises. By running Morphite “just to watch”, it's easy to get carried away and spend a few hours playing the game discovering new lands and getting to know the aliens. The game has a story mode, but perhaps the most important thing in Morphite is the ability to explore everything and make unexpected discoveries.

Download Morphite at App Store

Oddworld: New 'n Tasty (RUR 599)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The original Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee for PlayStation offered the world perhaps the most unexpected protagonist. The story of strange but gracious leader Abe is reimagined in New ‘n’ Tasty, and it doesn't matter if you're familiar with the Oddworld universe or not, this stunning platformer is definitely worth the attention of fans of the genre. By the way, this is one of the best ports from older platforms on iOS.

Download Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty in App Store

Portal Knights (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The best thing that has given the world the resounding success of Minecraft is the sheer number of creative games that use the same sandbox formula. Portal Knights became one of these followers. However, instead of just exploring the surroundings and building a hideout, the player is also presented with a full assortment of RPG mechanics, from spells and monsters to crafting armor. Local multiplayer adds fun if your friends also have a copy of the game.

Download Portal Knights at App Store

Rules of Survival (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1This is something like the sensational Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, only for iOS. And it's free. This developer already has one PUBG clone called Knives Out and although the idea of ​​releasing another one with minor changes seems strange, both named games are great if you like PUBG, but you would be much more comfortable playing it on iPhone.

DownloadRules of Survival in App Store

Stranger Things: The Game (Free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1For the entire existence of games, those that are released based on TV series or films, for the most part, turn out to be simply terrible. We have already talked about a successful example (Batman from Telltale), but this is still a port from older platforms. At the same time, Stranger Things: The Game is the perfect example of what a good TV game should look like. You will find yourself in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, and can “visit” the places familiar from the TV series and chat with your favorite characters. The game doesn't add anything new to the plot, but is packed with fan service and all sorts of references. What makes this game exemplary is the fact that it's completely free: no ads, no in-app purchases. If you've watched the show and enjoyed it, Stranger Things: The Game will definitely help brighten up a couple of winter nights.

Download Stranger Things: The Game in App Store

The Talos Principle ($ 9.99)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 12017 was rich in quality puzzles, but The Talos Principle is one of the best of its kind. This is a first-person puzzle adventure game with a highly unusual philosophical narrative. By the way, you may never see the cat from the logo of the PC version after completing the entire game – another feature of the game. Although at first everything seems too simple, with the gradual introduction of new mechanics as you progress through the tasks, they become more difficult – they do not seem insoluble. The pace of the game is very calm and open: you can visit the already passed places at any time. Although not perfect, this port will certainly be appreciated by fans of games like Portal 2. The creative puzzles and specific narratives will keep you in The Talos Principle for a long time.

DownloadThe Talos Principle in App Store

Thimbleweed Park (RUR 749)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1At first, Thimbleweed Park seems like a common nod to classic video games – and pretty damn good too. Nevertheless, the longer you play, the more clearly you realize that something is wrong with this strange place and everything is not what it seems. In addition to recreating the atmosphere of old point-and-click games, Thimbleweed Park has a unique narrative and plot twists and will surely appeal to fans of the genre.

Download Thimbleweed Park in App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders (RUR 149)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Both Arkanoid and Space Invaders have long been classics in the arcade gaming world. While indie developers have been releasing games based on mixing the mechanics of both series for a long time, it took a surprisingly long time for the official crossover from Square Enix to come out – and it looks amazing. This is truly the level of gameplay you'd expect from mixing two masterpieces. Get ready to fight the aliens to save your home planet! One of the benefits of ArkanoidvsSpace Invaders is that at App Store you buy a completely premium version without any in-app purchases.

Download Arkanoid vs Space Invaders in App Store

Cat Bird! (is free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1As the name suggests, Cat Bird! you play as a strange hybrid between a cat and a bird who can jump high and soar in the air – albeit not for long. It is on jumping and flying that the game mechanics are based, in which you have to succeed in order to pass all 40 colorful levels. To top it all off, great pixel art and a superb soundtrack perfectly complement what is happening on screen. There are a great variety of platformers available in App Store, but only a few of them are able to match the quality and level of elaboration with Cat Bird! – which is also available for free.

Download Cat Bird! in App Store

Danmaku Unlimited 3 – Bullet Hell Shooter (RUR 379)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1The Danmaku Unlimited line has long been synonymous with the shoot-em-up genre, and the third installment of the series makes it clear why. The developers managed to maintain a specific scoring system and game mechanics that push people to take risks for a big reward. Danmaku 3 has become an excellent continuation of the popular series – they are well made, keep you in suspense, and every victory is a real pleasure.

Danmaku Unlimited 3 – Bullet Hell Shooter in App Store

Kalimba ™ (RUR 299)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1Platformers in which you need to control two characters at once have met before, but in none of them this mechanic has been implemented as well as in Kalimba. Each level will test your ability to independently move both hands, and your brain will get a great warm-up, trying to coordinate the movements of both characters and use the environment to its advantage to solve the next puzzle.

DownloadKalimba ™ at App Store

Kick Ass Commandos (RUR 149)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1If you take every possible 80s action movie cliché, spice it up with the appropriate graphics and music, and fit them into a smartphone shooter, you've got Kick Ass Commandos. In the game you have to take out enemies in packs and free the soldiers, who will then join your team. Surprisingly, nothing can be solved here by force alone: ​​to win, you will have to think over a competent strategy.

DownloadKick Ass Commandos in App Store

Miles & Kilo (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1This game is essentially a continuation of the spin-off. First, Kid Tripp was released based on the classic Wonder Boy, and Miles & Kilo became the sequel to Kid Tripp. This is a real find for those who love classic old school platformers. The passage will be difficult enough – but not enough to tear your hair out. The graphics have improved compared to the previous part, the storyline has become even longer – and yes, here you can play as a dog. A wonderful dog. If you've played Kid Tripp and hoped for a sequel, then Miles & Kilo should be 100% fulfilling.

DownloadMiles & Kilo in App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1It might be wrong to say so, but MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL is the worst game name I've ever seen. Seriously, how is this even pronounced? What does it mean? Fortunately, it's easy to forget about this during the actual game – considering that this is one of the best variations on the Pong theme to date. However, here you will have to control not one, but both sides, so as not to drop the ball, which bounces in one direction or the other, and at the same time deal with monsters that from time to time rise from the depths of the sea. With speed and difficulty growing steadily, this is one of the most addicting games of 2017 – and it doesn't matter what it's called.

DownloadMUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL in App Store

Pocket Mine 3 (free)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1As it always happens, at the start this shareware game gathered a lot of unflattering reviews from opponents of free-to-play, but time has put everything in its place: this is an amazing game. In it, you have to destroy rock blocks by touching the screen in order to move deeper into mines, cause chain reactions, search for materials to create powerful equipment, find treasure chests and rare artifacts … The player is given dozens of locations with unique monsters and artifacts, as well as the ability to pump character. Caution: Pocket Mine 3 is seriously addictive, because you constantly think about what you can do a little more … and more …

DownloadPocket Mine 3 in App Store

Steredenn (RUR 229)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1One of my favorite things about mobile platforms is the ability for indie developers to move their games from Steam to App Store. This is how Steredenn came out on iOS – a port of the roguelike / shoot-em-up, which was originally released on PC – but at that time almost no one had heard of it until the iOS – release . And completely in vain, because this is one of the best shooters – and regardless of the platform. The fact that this is a roguelike means that every time the game is perceived as something new: you cannot prepare for it just by remembering all the turns and all the bosses. On the contrary, it becomes interesting how many unique weapons can be collected as you progress and, especially, which bosses you will have to fight with.

DownloadSteredenn's App Store


Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1

Age of Rivals (RUR 149)

Top 100 Games for iPhone 2017.  Part 1There are so many battle card games out there that it is extremely rare to find something creative and different from the rest. Age of Rivals combines two mechanics: deck building and civilization building, and this mixture feels quite fresh against the rest of the genre. The most interesting thing here is that you will have to pay only once: for the game itself. There are no in-app purchases – so you don't have to buy up card packs while waiting to pull out something worthy – instead, you can focus entirely on the gameplay.

Download Age of Rivals in App Store

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