Tim Cook: 'There is no technology to create quality AR glasses'

It has been rumored for a long time that Apple is working on augmented reality smart glasses. However, in a recent interview with The Independent, Tim Cook said that there is no technology yet to create quality AR glasses.

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Cook did not comment on the glasses project from Apple, only said that the technology was not ready. He also added that it is not important for Apple to be first. The company wants to be the best at what it does.

'There is currently no technology to create quality glasses. To do this, you need to design the display, as well as other components, and this is very difficult to do.

The quality of the display has not yet reached the desired level. And Apple produces only those products that I am confident in. '

By introducing the ARKit platform in iOS 11, Apple opened the door to the world of augmented reality applications. Cook is as optimistic as possible about ARKit. He says that augmented reality is already available to everyone, and while it is not yet as popular, it will see 'dramatic' growth, as happened with App Store.

As for AR glasses from Apple, the last time they heard about them was in rumors about the project Apple Smart Glasses, which was supposedly postponed until 2018/2019 or was completely closed. The company has tested several prototypes of smart glasses and the rumor has it that AR glasses from Apple will be something.

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