This War of Mine got 93% off on App Store

The release of the popular game This War of Mine on iOS was unexpected, but pleasant for the fans of the series. Unfortunately, it was difficult to say the same about the price: in Russian App Store it was estimated at 1,150 rubles .. However, now the developers are offering to save more than a thousand rubles and buy it for only 75 rubles ..


This War of Mine got 93% off on App Store

In This War of Mine, the focus has shifted away from the combat that is typically seen in war games. Instead, Polish developers at 11 bit studios decided to create a dark, atmospheric survival game. You have to control a group of residents trying to stay alive in a besieged city. During the day, it is impossible to get out on the street because of the snipers, so the player has enough time to craft, exchange items, improve the shelter, heal and cook food for his group. At night, sorties are coming in search of food, medicine, weapons and other useful things.

The action of the game correlates with real events that took place in Sarajevo in the 90s. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina was under siege for four years, so the inhabitants had to learn to survive in the stone jungle. It is noteworthy that one of the developers, Emir Tserimovich, was a participant in the events described.

This War of Mine got 93% off on App Store

This game is definitely not funny or entertaining in the traditional sense, but if you are tired of the same type of “aim and kill”, This War of Mine is a must-play. Rarely do iPhone and iPad release such atmospheric games – and even less often do they receive such huge discounts.

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