The latest version Instagram removed support for iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max

Instagram removed support for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR from the latest version of their app. The official postscript to the update says nothing about this, but dozens of users are complaining about the change on social networks.


Most likely, this is an error from the outside Instagram, but all updates are checked by the command Apple, so it should have been noticed. However, due to the lack of optimization for iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, the stories icon at the top of the screen is too large and takes up a lot of space. This is because the interface for iPhone X / XS is simply stretched to fit tall screens iPhone XS Max to fill the entire display.

The postscript to the update Instagram v75.0 says only about voice messages and the list of best friends. If you still haven't updated the app Instagram on your iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, we advise you to take your time.

Apple will shut down App Store Connect from December 23rd to 28th, so Instagram only has a couple of days left to release the bug fix update. If the company doesn't make it in time, millions of users won't be able to fully enjoy the app during the holidays. As a reminder, support for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in Instagram first appeared in October.

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