The creators of Pokemon Go admit that the game popular this year is losing its popularity just as rapidly –

The popular augmented reality game for smartphones known as Pokemon Go seems to be losing popularity at a rapid rate. This fact is even recognized by the creators of this unusual project. We are talking about developers from Niantic.


The head of the company, John Hanke, said that already 2 months after the release of the game, the application was downloaded by more than 0.5 billion users of devices on various platforms. However, now, after the “first boom”, the project seems to have ceased to be of interest to the majority. However, this is the first game that can rightfully be called mainstream, on the same scale and level as Candy Crush, which came out in 2014, or Angry Birds, which we learned about in 2012.

The decline in popularity for Pokemon Go can be seen in many ways. For example, last month, the game lost its first place in the ratings App Store. Well, the project lasted almost 75 days in this place, i.e. almost 2.5 months! Another game changed the rating game – Clash Royale, created by the Finnish company Supercell. The day before, Supercell released a massive update with new stages and discounts on in-game merchandise purchases.

According to the social network Twitter, the peak of Pokemon Go (over 1.7 million downloads) was recorded in 2016 on July 11, already on the fifth day after the launch. This number decreased by 98%, i.e. up to 130 thousand downloads by the beginning of September.

The Pokemon Go project has become the fastest growing mobile game in terms of both popularity and money earned from it. In just 1 month after launching the game in mid-July, this game has been installed about 75 million times. For 2 months, the game brought the developer more than $ 500 million. These figures are only comparable to the collection of Hollywood super-hits, such as, for example, 'Captain America' and others.

Other games that are also in the top of popularity now took an order of magnitude longer to achieve the same result. Candy Crash Saga collected this amount in 200 days, but Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons “collected” this capital for over a year, almost 400 days.

At the end of the summer, analysts at Axiom Capital Management reported that the Pokemon Go game is rapidly losing its previously interested audience. According to the researchers, in August the project lost more than 15 million users (compared to the “victorious” July), thus reducing its active audience from 45 million users to 30 million. pockemoning-2

Slice Intel ligence also reported that the number of players buying in the game for real money has decreased by almost 80%, compared to the middle of summer. At that time, more than 60% of users made in-app purchases. But already at the beginning of this September, they have become much smaller – about 22.5%.

However, Niantic is still hoping for the past glory of Pokemon Go, offering a bunch of new updates. So, they have previously presented a new 'buddy' system, which allows two users to get the necessary currency in a pair, liquid in the game. In addition, the project is available even on smart watches from the company Apple! The game will make the gadget vibrate when the player is near a Pokestop or a new target.

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