The best fidget spinner apps for iPhone

You might think of them as simple toys, oddities, or something that really helps combat anxiety, but you can definitely agree that fidget spinners are everywhere right now. And real world trends tend to appear on the screens of our devices. Thanks to the abundance of new applications, you can now spin the spinner on your screen iPhone. Below is a list of the best fidget spinner games and apps.


1. Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp

This app is now at the top of the charts at App Store, no wonder why. The app is well made and reminiscent of Nintendo. You can do a lot in it.

The best fidget spinner apps for iPhone

You can spin the spinner by swiping across the screen. You have 5 attempts, and the goal, of course, is to spin the spinner as hard as possible. It's free, but you can buy different amplifiers for the points you earn. They add the number and strength of attempts, with their help you gain more points, which makes it possible to buy more amplifiers.

The best fidget spinner apps for iPhoneIn addition, there are mini-games and different modes. Modes are also unlocked with levels. You can remove ads by paying $ 1.99.

Download: Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp

2. Fidget Spinner Toy

If in fidget spinners you are most attracted by the abundance of different types and designs, the Fidget Spinner Toy is for you. The app is very simple. You choose a spinner from the list (which has over 120 different designs!) And spin it.

The best fidget spinner apps for iPhone

There is no limit or points here. You can change the background and adjust the rotation, but that's it. But there are a lot of ads in the application, and you can't remove them.

Download: Fidget Spinner Toy

3. Fidget Hand Spinner

Fidget Hand Spinner is another simple application. When you spin the spinner, you will see the speed, the number of spins at one time and for the entire time. The application has a very well done animation of rotations, especially if you spin the spinner at high speed and immediately remove your hand.

The best fidget spinner apps for iPhone

The app has a collection of different spinners, each with its own weight and cushioning. So each spinner will spin in a different way. You can unlock bonus wallpapers and spinners by winning challenges. There is also a world rating and a rating among friends.

Download: Fidget Hand Spinner

Or just Google Spinner

The best fidget spinner apps for iPhone

If you don't want to download the app, just open Safari and google 'spinner'. There will be a widget with a virtual spinner that can be rotated.

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