The best apps for your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Got a brand new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Or are you waiting for an iPhone as a gift for the New Year? Go to App Store and free up more memory space: especially for the winter holidays, we have prepared a list of cool applications for iPhone that will help you to fully experience the possibilities of your new phone.

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Best Camera App: Camera +

Camera + is a great third party camera app iPhone. It has an intuitive interface, a bunch of filters, a level to level the horizon, and advanced composition settings that let you adjust pretty much everything from exposure to focus.

Download – 169 rubles.


VSCO Cam with beautiful filters – Free

VSCO VSCO Price: Free +

Best Twitter Client: Tweetbot

Many people think that Tweetbot is the best client for Twitter. It's hard to argue with that, considering how convenient Tweetbot's various features are: day / night themes, timeline sync, quick account change, and much more. iPhone – the application version is optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter Tweetbot 5 for Twitter Price: 379р +

Download – 279 rubles.


Official app Twitter

Twitter Twitter Price: Free

Best Email Application: Dispatch

If you love ordering your inbox and always strive for Inbox Zero, then you will definitely love Dispatch. Swiping left on the message opens the action menu, another swipe quickly archives the message, clearing your Inbox. When you decide to reply to the email, the application will print a greeting and place the cursor at the beginning of the next paragraph. For those who want to deal with emails even faster, there are many snippets for quick response.

For those who are used to using several applications at once to work effectively with mail, Dispatch also has several nice options. Interaction with standard functions, such as calendar and reminders, and third-party programs like Clear and Things is implemented, you can send chunks of emails to Evernote, open links in Chrome and Dolphin, save text for later reading in Pocket or Instapaper, and even view locations in Google Maps.

Dispatch: Email meets GTD Dispatch: Email meets GTD Price: 529р

Download – 429 rubles.

Due 2

Launched in 2010, Due has been distributed in App Store for over four years. During this time, the app has matured and become a really cool and thoughtful reminder manager. A month ago, the second version of Due was released, which, like the original, serves its purpose faithfully: to make it so that you can create reminders quickly and without problems – and do not miss them.

Due - Tasks + Timers Due – Tasks + Timers Price: 379r +

Download – 279 rubles.

Best Browser: iCab Mobile

Geeks will love iCab Mobile: iOS – The Mac version of the famous browser has unheard of flexibility and customization. Customization of toolbar and menu icons, multi-touch and advanced hand-drawn gestures, extensive customization options for the user agent for testing sites, import / export of settings and bookmarks through services such as Dropbox and iCloud, a large selection of search engines for autocomplete, customization browser behavior depending on the amount of free RAM – all this is in iCab Mobile.

A huge number of different modules are built into the browser, which are useful in different situations: searching for all sites that link to this page, publishing material in popular social networks and saving for reading offline, analyzing pages in Firebug Lite, saving pages to PDF, searching for older versions of a page in Google cache and even auto-scrolling for hands-free reading.

In iCab Mobile, you can customize any possible aspect of interaction with the browser, for example, whether the address bar will be cleared upon activation, or whether links leading to the same site should open in a new tab or in the current one. Fans of desktop browsers will undoubtedly be delighted with this functionality, and iCab Mobile implements it on mobile devices at its best.

iCab Mobile (Web Browser) iCab Mobile (Web Browser) Price: 149р +

Download – 119 rubles.


Securely manage passwords and other sensitive information such as bank account details or credit card numbers.

1Password - Password Manager 1Password – Password Manager Price: Free +

Download – Free, Pro version costs 349 rubles.


Another great task and reminder manager.

Clear todos Clear Todos Price: 399r +

Download – 299 rubles.

Best Calendar: Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a great alternative to the stock Calendar for iPhone, with handy text notes, reminders, background updates and more. As a nice bonus – a great widget for the Notification Center iOS 8.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone Fantastical 2 for iPhone Price: 379р

Download – 199 rubles.


After several years of using Reeder, my new favorite RSS reader for iPhone and iPad is Unread, with its intuitive interface and support for a wide variety of RSS services: Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, Newsblur and Fever. There are also several interface themes, share functions and export to cloud storage.

Unread: RSS News Reader Unread: RSS News Reader Price: Free +

Download – Free, you can buy additional features and themes.

Best Task Manager: Todoist

In addition to the standard functions of creating to-do lists and prioritizing them, Todoist can search by tasks, attach notes and files to them, and even link reminders to a location on the map so that you can carry out your plans when you arrive at the right place. The app even knows how to recognize simple keywords in the task description (for example, “tomorrow” or “every day”).

Although the app is free, many of its features are only available with a premium subscription ($ 17 / year).

Todoist: keep everything organized Todoist: order everything Price: Free +


Best keyboard: SwiftKey

Starting with iOS 8, it is possible to use third-party keyboards. One of the best such keyboards is the SwiftKey. very powerful and versatile, it is recommended for all users who want to see many useful functions in one keyboard at once.

SwiftKey Keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard Price: Free +

Free download

Drafts 4

Drafts offers a non-standard approach to writing notes. The app is great for jotting down your thoughts and ideas, and the updated selection and copying functionality in iOS makes working with Drafts even more enjoyable. You can export text to any application or service, send it by email or message, create reminders and events, post notes on Twitter, Facebook and do many more different things literally in one tap.

Drafts (Legacy Version) Drafts (Legacy Version) Price: 379р +

Download – RUB 599


Shazam has been wildly popular since its launch in App Store in 2008. Although Apple has implemented track recognition in iOS 8, Shazam should still be used at least from for its additional features: listening to recognized songs on streaming services like Spotify or Rdio or on YouTube.

Shazam Shazam Price: Free

Free download


Nuzzel connects to your Twitter – account and selects the most popular links from your timeline. Reading news in Nuzzel is much easier than scrolling through the entire timeline, and it's very easy to find something really interesting and worthwhile for yourself.

Nuzzel: News for Professionals Nuzzel: News for Professionals Price: Free

Free download


Hours is a simple and intuitive application. It helps measure your productivity by timing the time you spend on a given task. From the charts, you can clearly understand how effectively you allocated your day. Implemented a convenient interaction with the Today tab in iOS 9, where you can start / stop timers with one tap directly from the lock screen.

Hours - time tracking Hours – time tracking Price: Free +



Workflow is a smart new application that was released just last month and is designed to automate different workflows. Among the standard actions of the application are: creating gifs, converting pages from Safari to pdf format, ordering a pizza, ordering a taxi in Uber and planning a route to your favorite cafe. And besides this, of course, you can experiment yourself and create your own algorithms.

Quick commands in the AppStore AppStore Quick Commands Price: unknown

Download – 169 rubles.


Deliveries keeps track of your online mail orders. The app supports UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link and Royal Mail. You can also track orders with Apple and Amazon. In iOS 8 and later, the order status is displayed in the Today widget of the Notification Center.

Deliveries: a package tracker Deliveries: a package tracker Price: 379р

Download – 279 rubles.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro improves the efficiency of your interaction with iPhone. Cleverly using tricks with URL schemes and x-callback-URLs, this app allows you to create shortcuts to quickly perform different actions: call or send a message to some contact, go directly to the camera in Instagram or send a gif image friend.

Launch Center Pro Launch Center Pro Price: Free +

Download – 279 rubles.


Camcard is a great business card scanning app, it will be useful if you keep getting tons of new business cards. Instead of manually storing a person's contacts, you can simply read them through the camera. Recognition is quite accurate, 17 languages ​​are supported.

CamCard - Business card scanner & reader CamCard – Business card scanner & reader Price: Free

Download – 15 rubles.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro turns your iPhone into a scanner. The program recognizes the edges of the paper, after scanning the image can be expanded and straightened. The scanned document can be saved in pdf, sent by email, printed, uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or iCloud. There is also an option to password-protect the document.

Scanner Pro Scanner Pro Price: 299r +

Download – 15 rubles.


Sometimes it can be very difficult to work with people from a different time zone. Synchronize allows you to simplify time conversion. He not only can tell you what time it is in another time zone, but also has a special slider, which is convenient to use when you need to schedule a meeting for people from several time zones. Unfortunately the app has not been updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

synchronize synchronize Price: Free

Free download

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator can make your iPhone a trusted device for your account with 2-level authentication. After entering the password when trying to log into your account Google Authenticator generates a unique passcode for passing two-level authorization. Unfortunately the app has not been updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Google Authenticator Google Authenticator Price: Free

Free download


If you are a frequent traveler, FlightTrack is probably to your liking. It is very convenient to track your flights on the go with this application. The app is integrated with Tripdeck, monitors arrival and departure information in real time, notifies when flight information changes and learns the boarding gate number as soon as it becomes known.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 Go to store Google websearch

Download – 15 rubles.


RedLaser will come in handy in the store. By scanning a barcode on a product, the application will display information about it and tell you whether you can buy such a product at a barcode somewhere nearby or online. Also RedLaser can tell you about discounts and special offers in the store you are in, as well as show the store map.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 Go to store Google websearch

Free download

Overcast 2

Great podcasting app. The Smart Speed ​​function shortens the annoying silence at the end of the track, Voice Boast equalizes the volume of podcasts using dynamic compression and equalization. Naturally, there are options for creating custom playlists and sorting them in a given order. The search for podcasts is well done, you can listen to recommended podcasts from the people you follow. The second version introduces a streaming function that allows you to listen to the podcast along with the download, and not wait for it to finish.

Overcast Overcast Price: Free +

Free download


TeeVee will remind you when your favorite TV show starts, via push notification or in the Today tab.

TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru TeeVee 3 – Your TV Shows Guru Price: 229р

Download – 169 rubles.


Before the release of iOS 8, the stock Calculator was enough for everyone, it does its job quite well. But if you just need a calculator all the time, try PCalc: now this application has a cool widget for the Notification Center, and almost all calculations can be done without launching the application, in the Today tab and even on the Lock screen without unlocking the phone.

PCalc PCalc Price: RUB 749 +

Download – RUB 599


When you are sitting at your Mac, it would be logical to make sure that notifications with iPhone are displayed on the computer screen and you don't have to reach for your phone somewhere. Notifyr will forward all notifications iPhone on the Mac where the OS X part of the app is installed. Data transfer is done through the economical Bluetooth Low Energy, so there is no need to worry about the battery charge while the application is running.


TuneIn Radio

If you love listening to radio, try TuneIn Radio. In the application, not only local radio stations are available, but also stations from other cities, more than 100,000 radio stations from all over the world.

TuneIn Radio in the AppStore TuneIn Radio on AppStore Price: unknown

Download– Free (there are premium versions)

That's probably all! Although the list includes applications of different ages, there are quite a few among them released this year. The market for applications for iOS is constantly growing, hardware is evolving, it will be interesting to see what awaits us in 2016.

Some of these apps are still available for a reduced holiday price, so pick and buy faster! Share your favorite apps in the comments. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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