The 'Phoneys' iMessage app helps you prank your friends

If you love pranking your friends and have long wanted to take advantage of the new stickers in the iMessage messenger, then it makes sense to take a closer look at a few cool apps.

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One of these is “Phoneys” and now it is available in App Store for 75 rubles. With this app, you can send a sticker that looks like an iMessage text message – but sent from your friend. Thus, you can speak whatever you want on his behalf!

All this is made possible thanks to the new overlay function, which is present in iOS 10. Apple made it possible to put a sticker on the message, GIFs and even various visual elements.

While this may scare some people, it was the perfect way for developer Adam Howell to make your friends and family think they've lost their minds or that their phone has been jailbroken, because how else to explain all these strange “messages ”?

iOS 10 is a recent release and most people may not be aware of all the possibilities and overlays, so Phoneys is the perfect way to have fun with your friends and family.

So in order to play this prank, you need to buy and install the Phoneys iMessage app. After it has been downloaded and opened, select the friend's text message that you want to replace, and then type your message in “Phoneys”, which will be “sent” to you. Next, drag your text onto the message and you're done — send it and wait for a reaction!

For maximum effect, react immediately to this “received” text to catch your friend by surprise and not understand anything at all.

“I noticed that you can completely cover the text with stickers. I started joking with a friend saying that I could get him to say whatever I wanted, ”Howell explains,“ So I made a couple of quick stickers on my iPhone to test him out, and of course it worked! ”

Howell plans to release more of these themed stickers, so there will be even more choices in the future. And for people who want and can create their own, the author of this project is developing another application that will do this. When exactly he will finish work on such a sticker editor, it still remains unknown.

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