System iOS 10.1 notifies about possible slowdown iPhone when launching 32-bit applications

The system iOS 10.1 is currently in beta testing. Developers and testers can try out a preliminary version of an earlier public release, slated for later this year.


New features and functionality are common in this preview of new software. However, the manufacturer Apple has also issued a series of warnings regarding older, 32-bit-based applications that may be installed on the device iOS. The warning appeared back in the beta phase iOS 10, but who would have thought that this would remain in the final version.

Apple reintroduced a warning for iOS 10.1 stating that installing an older, incompatible application may slow down the performance of iPhone on which it is being installed. Back in 2015, the company Apple started the trend of mass migration of all iOS and applications to 64-bit basis. Therefore, this warning says nothing more that “the developers of this application need to update it to improve its compatibility with devices from Apple”.

Recently in Apple, we have also worked on cleaning the official store App Store of obsolete content. It went so far that plans were even announced in early September to remove old inappropriate apps from the digital store. This new warning is probably part of the same process that will help owners of iPhone / iPad avoid problems with older apps that could slow down their devices.

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