Super Mario Run Update: More Nintendo Games Coming To iOS?

As is often the case with mobile games, just a few months after the release of Super Mario Run, they almost stopped talking. Nevertheless, Nintendo does not forget about its creation and announces a major update, which will be released on September 29th.

A woman using a smartphone walks past Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” game advertisement board at a subway station in Tokyo, Japan

The update as a whole will breathe variety into the already boring game. In particular, the player will have the opportunity to play as Daisy, a new world (World Star) with new gameplay elements will appear, as well as a special mode Remix 10. The latter cuts random parts of ten different levels and glues them into one. It is also finally possible to play to your own music – the application no longer blocks other sound sources.

Another nice bonus: To attract a new audience, Nintendo will halve the price of Super Mario Run between September 29 and October 12.

This update is not only important for its content. It also shows that Nintendo is interested in developing the mobile app market. This means that soon we can see new releases from this developer in App Store. Most likely, the fate of subsequent games will be decided by Super Mario Run after the update: it looks like Nintendo is using it to research demand.

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