Simple app will hide the notch in the display iPhone X

Don't like the notch in the display iPhone X? To get rid of it (of course, not forever), you can use the free application Notcho. Instead, the top of the display will look like a bezel with a glowing clock and battery level.

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Simple app will hide the notch in the display iPhone X

In the application, you can choose any screen saver you like and make a special wallpaper out of it. They line up exactly with the edges of the notch and add a black stripe around it, rounded closer to the edges. Unfortunately, this trick only works on the desktop and lock screen. This is understandable, because Notcho manipulates wallpaper.

However, this is a great way for those who hate black inset in iPhone X to get used to it. Another option, more dramatic, but at the same time simpler, is to install a completely black wallpaper. Note that this not only looks amazing on the OLED – display, but will also extend the battery life.

You can download Notcho at App Store.

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