Shortcuts 2.1.2 update contains two new actions

Today Apple released iOS 12.1.1 and updates to its other operating systems (except watchOS), as well as a new version of the Teams application.

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On the application page in App Store in the postscript to the update, only bug fixes are mentioned, but the new support document Apple says that the new version contains two new useful commands.

The first command is 'Post to Tumblr', which allows you to quickly and conveniently post to Tumblr. The second command is 'Get time from date to date', and it calculates the number of months between two dates.

Here is a list of the bugs fixed in Shortcuts 2.1.2:

  • Addressed issue where, when loading a shortcut command, a screen describing which programs and services are used by that command may not be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented quick commands Siri from working when using the 'Open Program' or 'Play Sound' actions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause shortcuts to hang when using the Repeat For Each Item actions (when launched from a widget or using the Media Library tab).
  • Fixed an issue where numbers with commas (spaces) or long extension codes might not be recognized when using the Phone Number command.
  • Addressed issue where the Show Directions command may not work when executed from the Today widget of the Quick Commands on the lock screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add New Reminder command would not work if you did not enter a time or place.
  • An issue has been fixed, due to which the 'Send Payment' command in the Apple PayCash system could not be executed.
  • Fixed an issue where the 24-hour time format was not supported in the default response field for dates when using the Prompt for Input command.
  • Fixed an issue where the name was displayed in English when using the Get Emoji Name command, although a different language was installed on the device.
  • Addressed issue where an error message may appear when invoking some quick commands using the search function.
  • Addressed issue where quick commands sometimes fail to load web pages with long Unicode headers.
  • Fixed an issue where the result was not displayed when using the 'Start Editorial Process' command.
  • Improved sync with iCloud.
  • Improved localization.

Update iOS 12 replaces the Workflow application with Teams.

  • The Teams app can be downloaded free of charge from App Store.

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