Seven Reasons Not to Install Beta iOS 11

During a keynote presentation at WWDC, Apple announced the release of iOS 11, a highly anticipated operating system update for iOS devices. It announced new features such as direct money transfers between users through the service Apple Pay, a redesigned lock screen, a new control center and notification center, support for new languages ​​in Siri, a completely redesigned App Store and much more.


Apple has already made the first beta iOS 11 available to developers. As always, there is an unprecedented resonance around new major OS versions for mobile devices Apple. It's easy to see why when even the beta version of the next major update is released, people tend to install it as quickly as possible.

Should I install beta version iOS 11?

There is a very strong case against installing the beta iOS 11 right now. Here are some of them:

1. Poor application compatibility

It is highly likely that you will encounter incompatibility of applications from third-party developers. It is not their fault; it takes some time to update apps for compatibility with iOS eleven. They will be able to fix bugs and provide updated versions of their apps in App Store only when in September of this year Apple will release the final version iOS 11.

2. A large number of errors

As a rule, beta versions contain a large number of errors, which leads to a crash of the Springboard or a reboot of the device itself. It can be annoying, to say the least, when you're trying to send an important email, make an important phone call, or are on the verge of breaking a new record.

It is no coincidence that Apple calls these assemblies beta versions, not public versions, and, accordingly, provides limited access to these assemblies within the program for developers iOS and beta testers. Apple uses beta phase to fix bugs and crash bugs. Developers also use it to update their applications so that they can run the new iOS 11 and also use its functionality.

We plan to update this article to publish reports on the main problems that users will encounter when deciding to install the beta version iOS 11 on their devices.

The following fact should be noted here: unlike the beta versions iOS 8, the beta versions iOS 9 and iOS 10 differed in relative stability.

3. Inability to rollback

Apple warns users that they will not be able to downgrade to a previous OS version. In principle, it should not be particularly difficult to downgrade the OS version from iOS 11 beta to iOS 10.3.2, but here it should be noted that the ability to restore data from a backup iOS 11 backup after downgrade to iOS 9.3.2 will not be. Data recovery is only possible from a compatible backup iOS 10. Thus, there is a risk of data loss between the time of the upgrade to version iOS 11 and the time of the downgrade.

4. No jailbreak

At the moment, the lack of jailbreak for versions iOS 10.3.2 – 10.2.1 is not a very acute problem. But if you already have a jailbroken device in your hands, then you should understand that after installing the beta version iOS 11 on it, you will lose not only jailbreak, but also for a long time the very possibility of jailbreak. Usually, hackers do not release hacking tools for beta versions of updates iOS, since this makes it possible Apple to patch and close security holes used by hackers to develop tools by the time the final version is released hacking. Thus, it will be possible to install the jailbreak only when the hackers release the jailbreak tool for the public version iOS 11.

5. Lack of support

In case of problems with the beta version iOS 11, you will not be able to contact the third-party software developer or Apple for help or support. The developers will recommend that you wait for the final version iOS 11, and Apple will advise you to wait until the next beta version is released, which, possibly, will fix the problem you discovered. Even developers and beta testers don't install beta versions on their mainstream devices. Usually, for these purposes, separate devices are purchased to test the developed applications on a new version iOS.

6. Insufficient optimization

The first beta versions iOS 11 will lack full optimization. It is very likely that Apple will collect debug information to track and debug any errors that occur that affect device operation. We expect Apple to continue to work to improve system performance during this beta testing phase.

7. Expectations.

Some of the innovations, such as support for augmented reality, will only appear this fall.

Often users are unhappy with the number of bugs and errors that are encountered in the first beta versions. If you've participated in a beta test before, you should be well aware of this. But if you have used only public versions before, then the beta version iOS 11 may shock you, since you are used to the stability of the official public versions of the OS.

No matter how understandable the high level of curiosity, you should still wait for the release of the official version iOS 11, thus avoiding the problems that are listed in this article.

This will improve with new beta releases over the coming weeks, so if you are interested in the stable version of the OS, you should skip the first few beta releases or, best of all, wait for the public beta release iOS 11.

If you have installed the beta version iOS 11 on your device, then please share your experience with it in the comments below.

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