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Music is an easy and quick way to decorate a video, especially if it's a short video in Instagram.

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That is why in June this year, music stickers appeared in Instagram, with which you can add a soundtrack to your stories. And now music will take on an even bigger role on the platform. Instagram has officially announced that question stickers can now be answered with music attached to videos.

When using the question sticker, you will see a new music icon. When your friend answers, he can select a song directly from our library. By opening the list of respondents, you can listen to all the songs. Then you can share the best songs by shooting a short video or photo under them. In addition, you will find new effects that adapt to the music. To try new effects, select Camera Music and you will see new icons.

New features are available with the latest version of the app Instagram for iOS and Android.

However, this is not all. Instagram also added updates for Instagram Live. Question Stickers can now be used live. This will allow users to be more creative. This is how it works:

To ask a question live, open the user's story and answer their sticker question as usual. If the user wants to answer the questions live, you will see 'Q&A' ​​in the list of new stories. Join the live stream to see how the user answers questions in real time. If you want to ask another question, go back to the story and it will appear in the list of questions already on the air. People who go live will be able to share their photos and videos in it. This way you can know more about the off-camera life of your favorite bloggers and celebrities.

New features coming in Instagram today if you have the latest available version of the app installed. You can download Instagram from App Store for free.

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