On iPhone X installed Windows 95 and started Simcity 2000

We have already seen other models iPhone, which were installed using the emulator Windows 95 or Windows XP. Now blogger Hacking Jules was able to install and run Windows 95 on iPhone X in the same way.

iPhone - X-Body-Shots-3

Better yet, he was able to run Simcity 2000 on his smartphone.

It is interesting to see a brand new iPhone X with Windows 95 – an operating system that is almost 20 years old. When Windows 95 came out, none of the computers were quite as powerful as iPhone X today, despite their enormous size.

If you have iPhone X, and for some reason you also want to install Windows 95 on it, then you have to use the Power DOS program. You need to be able to work with the program in order to do everything right.

If you have iPhone X and want to play the game, then it's better to just go to App Store and download something like Monument Valley 2 or Asphalt 8. Their gameplay is like and the graphics are better than the old Simcity 2000.

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