Now you can download up to 150Mb from App Store via mobile internet

Apple increased its conservative mobile app download limit by 50% to 150 megabytes.

app-store-redesign-on - iPhone - ios-11

The company addressed the developers with the following words:

We have raised the mobile download limit from 100Mb to 150Mb, allowing users to download more apps from App Store over the mobile network.

Now users will be able to download large applications over the mobile Internet. If the application or its update weighs less than 150MB, you can safely download it without error messages.

To download an app that requires more than 150MB, you need a Wi-Fi connection.

The company's solution is especially useful for developers creating powerful games for Retina displays, especially when iPhone X introduced an even higher resolution screen.

The last time Apple raised the limit several years ago from 50MB to one hundred, this happened with the release iOS 7. When App Store was presented in the summer of 2008, the limit was only 10Mb.

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