New design App Store in iOS 11 increased downloads by 800%

Apple has significantly redesigned App Store with the release of iOS 11. According to analysts, this has served in the hands of developers whose applications are listed in the store.

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The latest data from Sensor Tower suggests that the new design App Store has multiplied the number of downloads. The number of app downloads has grown by hundreds of percent.

In the 'Game of the Day' category, downloads grew by 802%, and in 'App of the Day' – by 685%.

New design App Store in iOS 11 increased downloads by 800%

Downloads for Game of the Day apps are up 802% in the week since its release.

Downloads for the 'App of the Day' category grew by 685 percent.

In other categories, like Collections and General App List, downloads also grew by 222 and 240 percent, respectively.

Sensor Tower data was collected from September 2017 (when iOS 11 came out with a new App Store) through April 20.

However, not everything is so smooth. Apple focuses more on giant companies like Starbucks, EA, etc., rather than on independent developers and companies. As a result, the majority of downloads go to companies that are already doing great.

13 of the 15 most popular apps (by the number of mentions) already had at least 1 million downloads before the new one App Store was released in September. Unsurprisingly, Apple is promoting them. Many of the companies on the list have several popular apps. In this regard, users pay attention to the release of their updates.

In general, this is good news for developers, especially for those who use App Store to make money. It's a shame, however, that Apple is focusing more on large companies rather than independent developers. Novice developers also find themselves in collections, but much less often.

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