MacOS Mojave wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Last week Apple introduced macOS Mojave, a new version of the system coming out this year. Unlike previous versions, Mojave contains many new features such as: dark mode, new Mac design App Store and completely new wallpapers.


Technically there is only one new wallpaper in Mojave, but due to the dark mode, these wallpapers are dynamic, and the daytime version changes to nighttime to match the theme. The new wallpapers were almost immediately removed from the system, and now they are also optimized for iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch.


mojave-iphone-576 × 1024
macos-mojabe-iphone3-576 × 1024
macos-mojave-iphone2-576 × 1024


mojave-ipad2-1024 × 1024
mojave-ipad-wallpapers-1024 × 1024

Apple Watch

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